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Is it normal she's so negative?

MrNobody Answered Apr 12, 2024

Is it wrong to hope someone dies?

Georgedl Answered Apr 10, 2024

My "whine moment today." What's yours?

Anxietynacy Commented 16 hours ago

The Caregiver... How are YOU doing today?

NeedHelpWithMom Commented Dec 2020

What's for dinner?

Anxietynacy Commented 1 hour ago

On My Mind

Llamalover47 Commented 8 hours ago

Caregivers behaving badly.

NeedHelpWithMom Commented Mar 2021

General topics.

DoggieMom86 Commented Apr 9, 2024

Gardening as therapy.

NeedHelpWithMom Commented 14 hours ago

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