We have a plum tree that’s not even that big, and this year it went off. SO brought in a box for the staff, enough to supplement 50 people’s diet. Could be an emergency option if they forgot to bring lunch or if it spoiled.

There is this lady who just moved in. She had lived in San Francisco and remembers when what’s now Silicon Valley, was mostly agricultural. Very social and def on the independent living side in a high way. She had boxes of fruit delivered and insisted SO take an apple.

He finally did.

Alright guys, I know what you’re gonna say, but she’s just a lady trying to be nice. Seeing how much she’s into farm to fork, I don’t see a reason to not be nice back. I told SO to go ahead and give the lady some plums.

Nice! There is nothing as good as homegrown or fresh from the farm fruit.

We are so blessed here. The climate is still agricultural. If you have fruit trees, it’s such a blessing until you have to pick em.

I hope one day SOs facility puts a fruit garden with veggies around it. There’s a true memory care down the road that did that. The seniors really enjoy interacting with live producing plants.

I don't see a problem. He didn't take money from her or an expensive gift just an apple. And I see no problem in asking her if she would like some plums. I don't see where that is any different than her putting apples in the staff room to share.

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