Please. Please, someone help me I feel as though I am nothing but a number. Please help.

Ask to speak to the social worker.
All hospice has them.
We are a Forum of caregivers from around the world. There is really nothing WE can do, but your own hospice can help you.
You have another post to us in which you speak of an "assault" and inadequate response to same.
This makes me think that there may be some confusion happening, as the report of being in hospice treated like a dog and "being assaulted two days ago".

For that reason I am calling my own post to the admins attention and asking that your posts be reviewed for their action.

I suggested on last post to call 911 and ask for Adult Protection services. If this person can get on the internet, they must have the ability to call 911.

First thing to do is contact the Hospice you have and ask to talk to the CARE MANAGER for your Team.
Make the manager aware of how you feel and how you are being treated.
Weigh the response.
If you are not getting the response that is satisfactory to you you have options.
1. contact another Hospice and asked to be transferred to that Hospice. This would be like changing doctors you would sign a release so the new Hospice can get your medical records and they would put you on their schedule.

2. If you wish to discontinue Hospice totally you can contact your previous Primary Care Physician and get back into their care. You would sign a release and Hospice will transfer your medical records.

With either scenario if you feel strongly about how you are treated you can file a complaint. Medicare has a website where you can file complaints.
You can also leave a review of the Hospice you have on Social Media.

Now to the other part of your post.
You are being treated like a dog by "both sides"
Not sure what you mean by this but I am going to assume family or facility staff and or caregivers.
If you are being mistreated by anyone you can contact your States Elder Abuse Hotline number and file a complaint.
You can also contact APS. and file a complaint.

This poster has another post at about the same time, about being assaulted and nothing being done,

Sounds as though he/she is in some kind of facility but it's not clear what their condition is and if this is a hospice facility or something else. Both posts are cries for help, but not sure what he/she wants.

Who is "both sides"????? Fire hospice if you're being treated like a "dog".

I’m so sorry that you aren’t being treated well. Can you be more specific about your situation so that we can understand what you are experiencing?

Wishing you peace.

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