Hell really is a place on earth.

At a time when we were particularly short staffed at got a call from home and before I knew it, I found my own mother being rushed into the ER....whilst I was on duty and had to treat her.

Its happened before, but usually I'm not the one on duty at the time. This time I was not so lucky, and she came it during my shift.

Of course I called for someone else to avoid conflict of interest.

But she is still there, and in case of emergency if nobody else is around...I would still be forced to treat her.

Sigh. Hell is real.

Keep me in your prayers as I traverse this new challenge and try my best not to jeopardize my own license.

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I know its hard for some here to understand the context. In terms of why hospice has been difficult for us to get etc..
In order to protect myself, I'm purposefully vague about my exact address.

Don't take it personal. I'm just paranoid about hacking.

Mom is out of the hospital. Each time she leaves the hospital though the amount of care required is

She started developing a bed sore before going I'm trying to change that plaster every day now and I bought a donut shaped pillow to place under her bum..

But amm... yea. Where we live would probably considered rural to most of hospice options are far and in between and only the most upper class of families can afford to pay a hired nurse.

I got married this year that was a big spend obviously.

When getting married, I knew that it would limit the amount I could spend on mommy's health....but it's a personal step I had to take.

At the very least I have a wedding photo with my Mom before she became bedridden....

In general, physicians should not treat themselves or members of their own families. However, it may be acceptable to do so in limited circumstances: (a) In emergency settings or isolated settings where there is no other qualified physician available.

I think this is more an ethics question than conflict of interest. It would be unethical to deny her treatment if you were the only one available.

And the flip side
When a doctor's ability to act in the best interests of a person or group could be affected by relationships with other people, groups, or businesses, then a conflict of interest exists. Even when doctors think they are acting without bias, their judgments and actions may still be influenced by conflict of interest.

This should be something you discuss with your superiors. Make them aware that Mom could be brought to ER anytime. What do you do if there is no one you can call?

Do you have other hospitals close by? If so, make family aware that you cannot treat Mom and usually you are the only one on duty. They must tell the EMTs that she needs to go to another ER. If she enters the ER are you allowed to direct her to another ER because of "conflict of interest"?

I skimmed back on your old posts some going back to 2019. What I don't understand is why your family does not understand that pretty much your a "new" doctor. And as such you cannot be at their beck and call. That its not a job you can just pick up and leave a patient when they feel Mom needs something? I really don't understand the mind set.

If Mom is being taken to the hospital so much, maybe its time for Hospice?

Really sorry you need to deal with people who don't understand or refuse to. The only thing I can see you doing, is getting employed farther away and living farther away.

Thanks. Appreciate it.

Exvee, what a mess!! I know everyone I work with prays we don;t end up in our own ER,, seen in all our "glory" by coworkers, etc! I can't imagine it being my parent! When I was doing my internship at a local hospital,, my MIL decided to get a face lift. Things went sideways and she ended up in the ER , then ICU where I was training. I opted out of her care, but I will never forget one of the regular staff telling me how young she looked! WTH !! Nothing like looking younger while you are on a ventilator! She recovered, and I could laugh about it later.. but sure not at the time!

Wishing you all the very best for Great Strength..Clarity..Inner Peace..Mindfulness..for all the best decisions and outcome for your mother.

You sound like a very strong, centered and focused person - and I hope this challenge will be behind you very soon - and with much success.
We'll all be praying for you and there in spirit!

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