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If you google "donating medical equipment" and the name of the town or county, you'll find a number of options, e.g., I think an organization specializing in medical equipment is probably a better bet than salvation army or goodwill. Were we are, salvation army and goodwill are pretty restrictive in what they'll accept and what they'll pick up.

Lea, my cousin also had a hospital bed that she tried to sell on FB Marketplace -- and she said they removed her ad. It was during covid but not sure if there are other rules at play (she is also in FL).

In southeast FL I found a smaller church-run donation center to come and pick up a mattress and boxspring from my Aunt's home. The Crossings Church (they may have more than one location).

Salvation Army may come get it if they have pick-up service in that zip code.

You might want to put an ad on Craigslist or FB Marketplace in your area for this free bed. AgingCare forum here is a worldwide chat forum and Longwood FL is a very specific location. You'll have better results targeting that specific market.

I wound up donating my mother's electric bed to Habitat for Humanity.

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