I love my boyfriend but after everything that has happened in the past thirteen years with his parents and the past three years with his grandma I just want to run away. I love my boyfriend but I'm so tired of dealing with his drug addicted parents and taking care of his lazy grandma. She has copd and she smokes but blames it on everything else. Three years ago she got really sick with pneumonia and had to be put on a ventilator to save her life. She had cancer. When the pneumonia was gone she started rehab and was doing so good. Her son was forcing his wife to take care of her. His wife got tired of her doing nothing to take care of herself and then telling her son that she wasn't helping. Her son started an argument where he was telling her she was going to have to start doing things for herself. Some things were reasonable like making her own lunch and others were not like washing the dishes. There's six people living together and that's a lot of dishes every day. Well that started a fist fight between her son and her grandson(my bf) well her son and his wife moved out a week later and his grandma quit rehab and when the cancer was cleared up she starting smoking again all most immediately. And now she won't do anything hardly for herself. She won't take three steps from the kitchen table to get a spoon from the drawer. She won't dress or undress herself. She won't exercise or anything. Everyone treats her like she's going to drop dead at any time but I know better. If she would just get off her butt and move around she would be able to do things for herself. Why should I give up my life to take care of someone who has given up on living

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YOu shouldn't.. so you have a decision to make. And a caregiver contract to get if you choose to stay... or you will be in even worse shape down the road. If you are waiting on her hand and foot, you better make sure you get paid! And are not spending your own money on her and this family.

Would he go with you? Otherwise you will have to chose.

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