Make sure the family member is either doing it themselves or the staff is doing it.

"NVHAP, a risk for virtually all hospital patients, is often caused by bacteria from the mouth that gathers in the scummy biofilm on unbrushed teeth and is aspirated into the lungs."

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OP, I totally agree with your warning. I’ve seen many hospitals and facilities that can’t be bothered to brush the teeth of elderly people.

Prepasted disposable toothbrushes:

It might make the nursing home aide's job easier.

I had an aide tell me once that Mom wouldn't brush her teeth. I asked if the aide put the paste on the brush and ten handed it to Mom. Since I got that "Deer in the headlights look" I assumed it was a no.

I do not think that dental hygiene is a priority when it comes to NHs. Sometimes the residents fight it. There are ways to get around it. Little sponges on a stick for one. They already have paste in them.

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