Dad on A&A from the Veterans plus 800 social security. I am seriously considering bringing him home with all the requirements for the Medicaid vetting. It seems like one would get better care and be able to keep the aid and attendance pension if they return home?any thoughts? Dads bill is 15,000 after 3 mos and my not having a supplement in place which would have paid the daily rate after Medicare cutoff in twenty days the Veterans offered to pay for a supplement three yrs ago. period that I have had my DAD on the superb money for caregiver vet program as the Feds do not pay caregiving in America...move to Sweden...anyway I am giving up the Veterans money cause it looks like one cannot double dip, also how much does MEDICAID actually pay NH? Could it be that estate recovery could be 300,000 or is it how near death the senior is? This is nerve racking………..k

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Mom was on Medicaid for 3 months. Her SS and pension totaled 1700. I have the letter saying up until her passing, Sept 23, that she owes Medicaid just short of 6k. So they paid about 2K a month so the home got 3700 a month. She paid 9300 for 2 months before Medicaid took over.

Mobility is fair as he is trying to get up which goes against NH routine as the liability is there which I understand also more importantly he is blind...he hasn't been reassessed by the VA doctor or anyone other that NH docs and they have changed his medicines I
guess as he declines however Iam thinking of taking him for his annual to the VETs..he has been taken off his Diabetes meds Glypizide,as well as his Nexium,so im not a professional but I go everyday to make sure of his care to a certain I cannot
pick him up,change his diapers,bath him Iam his daughter....can home care people
actually pick up a 160 pound man? I can only transfer him..cannot pick him up when he falls on the floor which he did before I admitted him to NH...also he has been put on a heart med. as I noticed a change in his behavior saying he felt dizzy..and I could see that he would go to his cheek
rather than his mouth to drink...he has water but he cant see where it is the attendants
give him something to hydrate?Iam bringing in orange juice,fruit,anything that doesn't require 
too much chewing...also he seems to be having swallowing issues...oneday its mechanical diet,next day I go and its regular diet.....he doesn't eat very much.....the heart med is Metropolinal Sub something...………….he has neverhad heart issues...……….confused but vigilant..daughter

1. How bad is his mobility problem? Could you realistically deal with it at home on your own? I would imagine this will become more difficult over time. Can you handle that too? What about when and if he becomes totally ambulatory? Are you going to be able to pick him up and put him in a wheel chair and roll him in and out of your house?

2. Medicaid will pay the nursing home their rate minus his social security which will go directly to the nursing.

3. Where does his doctor think he needs to be and why?

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