I take my husband to doctor appts 2 hours away from home. Depends and extra pad, but totally soaked after sitting 2 hours in a dentist chair. Total time away from home was 6.5 hours. He had a BM before we left. Have worked hard to get him on a schedule for that to happen in the mornings. But that will not be the case everytime, as some appts are earlier in the day and we have to leave earlier in the mornings.
What are the secrets that well know people that are in wheelchairs all day and travel all over the world? Please share some advice on taking care of incontinence during necessary trips. Thank you

My wife has had MS for at least 30 years. Plus two strokes. So she is in need of total care. I do as much as I can. We have home health caregivers and family daily to help as well. Double incontinence has been a issue for quite a while. I can't imagine We will be going on any long trips. Its just too much at this point. But it is good for Her spirit to get out at least once a week. She spends so much time in bed or at home in Her wheelchair. I was alarmed by the people in the other thread. recomending nursing homes or just stay home forever. She was in a long term care facility. The quality of life was awful. She twice suffered bed sores. Often just left in bed for days at a time. She has done much better since returning home. With the incontinence We use the better brands overnight adult diaper briefs. If We know We are going to be out longer then a hour or two. Use the overnight brief with a booster pad. Or use her normal size brief large with a extra large brief over that. That way if She becomes too wet or uncomfortable. Or has a bowel accident. We can remove the inner brief. And She's already in another one. Which is good enough until We can get home. Of course all this depends on planning. And going places where there are family restrooms or larger handicapped restrooms. We keep a bedpad on Her wheelchair seat as well. And She uses a wheelchair that reclines almost flat. Its not the easiest way to change a adult. Thankfully She is a small woman. But for skincare reasons alone. We have to change the brief as soon as possible. If She soils it. We have been to ball games, The fair, Drs appointments. There has been a few awful moments over the last few years. But We got through it. She has trouble speaking. But mentally She is still all there. And she is only 57. I don't want to see Her stuck in a bed or nursing home for the next who knows how many years. Planning. Carrying extra products pads wipes briefs as well as all the other stuff She needs. Its been a learning process for us for sure.

I am sorry for this situation you have.

Moving as many appointments to telehealth (phone or video call) where possible is my first thought. Checksups, results etc. I understand specialists want to SEE their patients. Especially if a new patient.

If Cure is not possible, I think you are left with Contain & Clean Up. I am not sure what other options there are... Just products to contain as best they can. Clean up as best you can. Extra Care as you can obtain & afford.

Look into having a paid caregiver person, CNA/support worker accompany you so there are at least more hands to help.

I checked the thread that lealonnie1 linked and 90% of the answers were "don't do it" so I can see why you've come back seeking more advice. The bits that I thought might be helpful to you are to try a condom catheter - have you done that? Also good advice was to pack a bag of supplies (change of clothes if necessary, gloves and wipes, trash bags) and to get him into the washroom regularly throughout the day, most medical facilities should have good handicapped washrooms.

You asked this question a couple of months ago and received a ton of useful comments:

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