I found a copy of B and L at my wife’s neurologist’s office and subscribed to it. This magazine is a free publication and comes out six times a year.

The website I used to read this article on-line is Then scroll down to find the article. Hope this is helpful to some of you.

Expert Advice for Finding the Right Home Health Aide

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GardenArtist, sorry to be so late getting back to you. I’m having a hard time navigating through the various forums on here. I just now saw your post.

I had signed up for email notifications from B & L but unsubscribed to the emails as I’m mostly interested in dementia/ALZ articles. As with any magazine, there may be a couple months with nothing that keeps my interest, Then the next one is full of articles I want/need. No, they did not bombard me with ads, etc that I can recall. No snail mail either.

As for grants, check with your local Dept on Aging or the Alzheimer Association. The grant I have I applied for in February and was approved for $3,000 to reimburse me for payments made to Home Instead. This money only covers respite care for me. It doesn’t pay for anything my wife may need. Once the $3,000 is spent (over a certain time limit) I have to wait until next February to apply again.

I did a quick check of the magazine's website, and it seems to be valuable.   Some years ago I had a free subscription to a comparable neurology magazine which was  very helpful; it offered insights from medical people and wasn't something like the popular magazines of commentators who think they're qualified to opine on medical issues.

Do you ever get correspondence or solicitations?   Sometimes that happens with freebies.

Thanks for sharing this.    I might give it a try, assuming that you haven't been pestered with comparable solicitations or spinoffs from the magazine.

I subscribed for years to CURE, which addressed multiple aspects of cancer, ranging from chemical analysis of treatments to very helpful coping strategies.   I don't recall ever getting solicitations from anything comparable; it was definitely a valuable resource.

I'm also interested in what kind of grant you got for assistance for your wife.    Other than support from the VA, I wasn't aware of grants for home care.  I confess though that I never checked to see if any were available.

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