I was wondering how they did the procedure for you.

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I had all my wisdom teeth extracted in my 20s (crowded jaw, yet another symptom of Marfan syndrome like my scoliosis). It was done under anesthetic, and they had to stop after three because of the anesthetic limits. The last one was done in the chair while I was conscious, and I would not have been surprised if it had broken my jaw. Each tooth had each root curved outwards, like an anchor. They had to be cut into quarters, and each quarter pulled out at an angle. I couldn’t open my mouth properly for a week, and had to scrape the fur off my tongue with a teaspoon upside down.

I hope that ‘the lady’ is coping OK, and I would definitely get as much detail as possible. My DH has been told that he has quite a fragile jaw, and anything like I went through would almost certainly break it. It could easily be a ‘least worse’ thing.

Yes to the anibiotics before and after.

I am not the lady either but I did have one removed at about age 75. Problem then is that the roots have both grown and curved. They send you usually to a specialist who gets special spiral scans that show just how that tooth is imbedded. I had a good dose of nitrous oxide (laughing gas and well named) and was quite comfortable. I was given antibiotics to take BEFORE and after extraction, and they checked the tooth socket in a few days; important to get one of those nifty syringes to keep the hole free while it heals. I had no problem but in general terms get the specialist as our old jaws can easily crack with this procedure and my wisdom tooth extracted while I was in my early 50s actually broke off and they had to call in a specialist anyway.

It was not me but I have had them done. You should use an oral surgeon not a dentist. It will be done a lot faster. I had no problem with upper teeth but had pain with a lower one due to a dry socket. This they can pack. I had two, one impacted, and took 15 min.

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