Elder Law

Elder law is an area of legal practice that focuses on issues affecting seniors and their families. Older individuals have a wide range of specific legal needs ranging from the preparation of legal documents to estate planning.

As individuals age, caregivers and families often seek legal advice on the complex issues seniors face such as:

  • Planning and paying for long-term health care and senior housing.
  • Eligibility and the application process for government benefits such as Social Security, and veterans benefits.
  • Eligibility and the application process of Medicare and Medicaid.
  • The preparation of legal documents such as advance healthcare directives (living will) and Power of Attorney (POA).
  • The preparation of a petition for guardianship.
  • Estate planning through the creation of a last will and testament and trust documents.

Elder Law Articles

  • Why a Letter of Competency Should Be Part of Every Senior’s Legal File

    Adding this one simple step when creating or changing a will, powers of attorney and other crucial legal documents can prevent unnecessary stress, legal problems and familial discord down the road.

  • How to Find a Good Elder Law Attorney

    Seniors and their caregivers often face legal issues that require professional counsel. Use these tips for hiring an elder law attorney who can help with government benefits, power of attorney or guardianship, estate planning, and more.

  • Applying for Medicaid: An Elder Law Attorney Can Help

    Medicaid planning is not a do-it-yourself project. Elder law attorneys are well-versed in the tricky legal, medical and financial factors that influence when a senior should apply to ensure they qualify for benefits as soon as possible.

  • Why Elder Law Attorneys Aren’t Just for Seniors

    Planning ahead benefits seniors and their family caregivers. Working with an attorney who specializes in elder law gives seniors peace of mind and allows family members to understand their roles and responsibilities before they must act on them.

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