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In-Home Care Overview: FirstLight HomeCare - Delray Beach, FL

About FirstLight HomeCare of the Gold Coast -

We are the quality leader in our service territory and differentiate ourselves by extensive owner involvement and extraordinary caregivers. When you or your loved one needs help at home, turn to FirstLight HomeCare. We offer complete companion and personal care services for seniors, new mothers, those recovering from surgery, or anyone who just needs a little assistance. And with our trusted, highly-trained caregivers and additional, innovative services, you’ll have even greater peace-of-mind. Seniors and people with disabilities can live a quality life at home with assistance from FirstLight homecare. The service quality leader in home care, senior care, and respite care for adults of all ages, we have a solution to fit your or a loved one’s needs. We provide a whole spectrum of home care services, ranging from assisting people who only require minimal help to remain in their home, to caring for adults with disabilities who may need more complex services and assistance with day-to-day tasks. We are even available for those who just need someone to talk to and share everyday moments with to make like more enjoyable. Serving Palm Beach, Broward and Martin County from Stuart to Fort Lauderdale, including Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Pompano and Deerfield Beach. About our services:

Companion Care - FirstLight HomeCare provides assistance to families through a wide range of companion care services at home or in a healthcare facility setting. These include: • regular visits, conversation & company, • medication reminders, • meal preparation, • light housekeeping, • laundry services, • shopping, errands, & transportation, • recreational activities, • mail & paperwork organization, • live-in services, • 24-hour care, • family respite care

Personal Care - FirstLight HomeCare care also provides even more personal care services to assist with the activities of daily living, giving families additional peace-of-mind and giving clients dignity and comfort every day. These services include: • bathing & hygiene, • walking & mobility assistance, • transfer & posture positioning, • continence & toileting care, • special diets & meal preparation, • eating assistance, • oral hygiene

Person-first specialized dementia care - program highlights:
• Specialized care provided by compassionate experts who have completed our rigorous training program to become certified dementia caregivers.
• Care for people with dementia caused by Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lewy bodies, and other conditions
• “Who I am booklet” that goes beyond basic personal information and history to create a rich portrait of who your loved one is that we use to create their unique care program
• One-on-one consultations to help you find the right caregiver for your family
• Continuous quality and improvement process that includes client satisfaction surveys, client and care giver focus groups, and advisory councils

How we help reduce hospital readmissions with non-medical home care: • improves positive patient outcomes—reducing readmissions, • enhances the patient experience—keeping them in the comfort of home, not the hospital, • lowers costs—rescues hospitals from readmission penalties, • creates a personalized, patient-focused strategy, • educates the patient, family, and caregivers, • telehealth solutions (additional service fees required), • personal medication systems, • remote vitals monitoring, • personal emergency response systems,
• 24-hour availability and response for: -helping with special diet meal preparation, exercise, and hydration, -medication reminders and transportation to medical appointments, -observation, measurement, and monitoring of key condition indicators, -early intervention (call to doctor),
-outcome trending and data along with client satisfaction reporting

Transportation: • We provide many forms of individualized transportation, especially travel to and from medical appointments and other treatments and exercise programs such as aquatics
• in addition to shopping and errands, we are able to organize trips to special events for newcomers making the transition to Florida and other senior-oriented recreational activities

Credentials: Joint Commission Accredited and FL AHCA license #299994316

FirstLight HomeCare is staffed by people who have “been there”... And who are there now. We understand the challenges families face when caring for loved ones across town, or across the country. That means finding and hiring the kind of people we would trust with our families…so that our clients and their families can trust and rely on them. At the heart of our recruitment and development programs is our culture of care philosophy, which simply states:

“The genuine health and well-being of others is our greatest concern. We vow to provide first-class personal service for our clients, so that they may enjoy warmth, independence and relaxed comfort in their own home or any setting."

FirstLight HomeCare caregivers are, of course, the most visible reflection of these values, and here are just some of the requirements of their employment with us:
• All of our caregivers are direct employees (not contractors), licensed, insured and bonded
• All of our caregivers are thoroughly screened and background-checked – and must pass through our
• All caregivers are trained in privacy issues, as FirstLight HomeCare is a fully HIPAA compliant company regarding the privacy of every clients’ personal health data
• Following our thorough recruitment and rigorous care training, all of our employees must go through our unique culture of care training & orientation process

Languages spoken by staff: • English, • Spanish, • French, • German
Hours of service:• services provided & phones answered 24/7, • Office Hrs: Monday-Friday 9-5pm

Care Services Offered by FirstLight HomeCare - Delray Beach, FL

  • Meal Preparation
  • Medication Reminders
  • Monitoring Mobility
  • Respite Care
  • Toileting
  • Transferring
  • Help with Eating
  • Bathing/Dressing
  • Companionship
  • Errands/Shopping
  • Housekeeping
  • Incontinence Care
  • Live-In Care

Reviews for FirstLight HomeCare - Delray Beach, FL

Rating: 5.0

May 2016
Frieda, I am a current client
The caregiver that I received from FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach is very helpful, dependable, and loyal. They help clean, take me swimming, and even hold my hand while I walk so I don't fall. FirstLight has provided me with a dependable service and for this reason I would recommend them to others.
May 2016
Marilyn , I am a current client
I appreciate the caregiver that comes from FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach. She comes three times a week and is wonderful. I don't have to ask her to do things she takes initiative and does the things needed on her own. I would recommend FirstLight HomeCare because my experience with their staff is that they are personable, clean, and thoughtful.
April 2016
Eula, I am a current client
The caregivers that FirstLight HomeCare sent to our home are very pleasant. The office has done a fine job in our situation and their caregivers are caring and interested in our care needs. For these reasons I would recommend their services.
April 2016
John, I am a current client
FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach does a great job for us. The caregiver almost always on time and if they are going to run late they notify me ahead of time. They do everything we ask of them and I would recommend them to friends and anyone who needs homecare.
April 2016
Jeanne, I am a current client
My caregiver from FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach helps me with everything I do. They run errands, help cook, and provide overall excellent care. Their office staff is also very professional. They constantly check in to see how things are going with my care. I am very satisfied with the services I am receiving from FirstLight HomeCare.
April 2016
Marjorie, I am a current client
FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach is always there when I need them. Their caregivers are concerned with my well-being and they display it by being here for me, changing my bandages, and showing up on time everyday.
March 2016
Joan, I am a current client
The staff at FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach is very responsive to changes and things that pop up. Our caregiver shows good work ethic by being consistent, on time, and seeming very happy. She understands what bother's Mom and knows what she likes. The office staff has good communication and works hard to find a compatible match for your loved one. I would recommend FirstLight because in my experience they have provided a service that I can count on.
March 2016
May, I am a current client
I first heard about FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach from a neighbor who used them. After hiring their staff I find that they do a decent job. The caregiver they provide me does their work well without too much instruction. They are also very friendly, great at cleaning my home and are compatible with me. The office staff is also very efficient. Overall they make my life more enjoyable.
March 2016
Grace, I am a current client
Our doctor recommend us to FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach. We appreciate everything they do in providing care to my sister. They give her baths, make sure she takes the proper medicine, and are thoughtful. The office staff from FirstLight is cordial and pleasant. Overall the care is very professional and I would recommend their services.
March 2016
Clara, I am a current client
I selected FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach because they seemed like a very good company. I appreciate that when they say that they are going to do something, they will do it. My caregivers just do what I ask them to do and they know what they are doing. The office staff at FirstLight HomeCare will call me if the caregiver cant make it or if there are any changes. I would recommend FirstLight HomeCare to anyone, anytime. I am very satisfied with what they have done for me.
February 2016
I am a current client
I only needed FirstLight HomeCare's assistance for a couple of days but I appreciated their services. They offered me an extreme convenience by responding quickly on late notice. My caregiver listened to my questions and requests and did as I asked. She was also very attentive and sensitive to my needs. The office staff also had good communication.
February 2016
Julien, I am a current client
FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach is always available when I need to talk to them. My husband's caregiver does exactly what she is supposed to do without instruction and is always prompt. She also keeps the home in order so my husband and I can have peace, quiet, and relaxation. I would recommend FirstLight because they provide a service that you can depend on.
February 2016
William, I am a current client
The services I receive from FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach impact my life and take a burden off me. Our caregiver is a good worker, shows up on time, and is gentle/kind with my husband. The office staff is good about answering questions. I would recommend FirstLight HomeCare because they are considerate and efficient.
January 2016
Ralph, I am a current client
I selected FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach because I liked the man in charge. My caregivers make my breakfast and do some light cleaning in my house, they take care of things without having to be told and listen to any other needs I have. FirstLight HomeCare's office staff is very accommodating and always answer when I call. I would tell anyone looking for home care that FirstLight HomeCare is a good place
January 2016
Rita, I am a current client
I appreciate that FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach always gets us the same caregiver. She show a good work ethic by going out of their way to take care of my mom and understands her needs. The caregiver also shows professionalism by making sure I am well informed. The office is responsive. FirstLight HomeCare has been able to meet all of our expectations. I would recommend FirstLight HomeCare because of the matching process.
January 2016
Bonnie, I am a past client
I hired FirstLight because I was undergoing chemotherapy and was very sick, but I got better, so I didn't need the services any longer. The caregivers did everything I asked them to do and they did a good job. The caregivers were able to adequately clean for me and got things done the way it was supposed to be done. The office staff was also knowledgeable, polite, and courteous to me. I would recommend FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach because they were wonderful, reliable, and compassionate.
December 2015
Ruth, I am a current client
I chose FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach because another care agency we used was terrible. I appreciate the quality of care and that it is supporting my mom. Chris, a caregiver from their staff, takes a lot of initiative to do things for Mom. The caregivers help my mom to be social and move around. The office staff and I have good communication. They are professional and positive when talking to me. We've had great experiences with FirstLight Home Care and would recommend them to others.
December 2015
Joseph, I am a current client
The Jewish Family Service suggested that I use FirstLight Home Care for my care. I appreciate the caregivers that FirstLight Home Care sends to me and all the help they provide. My caregiver does whatever I ask her to do without questioning me at all. I don't have to worry about my caregiver's honesty in any way. I am one hundred percent satisfied with her. My caregivers are able to help me with many of the things that my wife used to do for me. The caregiver cooks for me, cleans the house, and does anything else I need. Everyone from the office staff seems to be very intelligent. They are able to help me with anything that I request. FirstLight Home Care is the first place I would recommend to any friend in need of care. I would not hesitate at all in telling them how great FirstLight Home Care is.
November 2015
Daphne, I am a current client
I chose FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach because they were recommend to me by a nurse. My caregiver is personable, caring, and constant with her work ethic. The caregiver has been able to clean up breakfast, make the beds, and help put items away. FirstLight is a caring and dependable company.
October 2015
Eula, I am a current client
My son and his wife selected FirstLight HomeCare in Delray Beach for me. I appreciate that my caregiver knows to do things without me having to prompt her. My caregiver takes out all of my trash, which I appreciate because I cannot carry it myself. She also makes my king size bed for me. I know that I can always call FirstLight HomeCare if I need anything and that they are always available if I need anything. It is a good feeling. FirstLight HomeCare is upscale in everything. I don't have any complaints about them.
October 2015
Phoebe, I am a current client
The caregivers are all very kind from FirstLight HomeCare of Delray Beach. There have been some that are better than others, but they have all been very good. FirstLight HomeCare has been there when we needed them. They have established a personal connection with us, and have been incredibly caring. They have been very easy to work with, and they had someone within a day or two to help me.
September 2015
Henry, I am a current client
I chose FirstLight HomeCare in Delray Beach because I was referred to them. I appreciate the professionalism at FirstLight Home Care. The caregivers show good work ethic by always looking to do things. The office staff at FirstLight HomeCare communicates with us appropriately. FirstLight HomeCare has met my expectations by having quick response and understanding.

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