He has pica, which has him wanting to eat/chew constantly. I’ve been successful locking up things that could hurt him or contribute to his diabetes. I leave a bowl of healthy snacks out for him. Yet, he asks for food constantly, sometimes while he’s still eating and asks for meals about every 20 minutes during the day; from the time he wakes up until he sleeps. By mid afternoon I get totally frustrated with the constant asking and explaining.

I'd find a good functional medicine Dr. and make sure he doesn't have nutritional deficiencies. Lack of certain minerals will cause pica. And I would find a type of music he likes and play it periodically through out the day. Music is a great adjuster of the mind. Once he gets relief, you do too.
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I don't know why my comment posted more than once but I can't delete, so I'm "editing". sorry
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Lilla9: An individual with PICA is often prone to eating non food items. However, as your DH is consuming food stuffs constantly, you'll have to secure these items in a better fashion. Also, perhaps you need to give yourself a break by hiring an in home caregiver for a few hours per day.
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If he can read, posting a chart near a clock that has the day's schedule might help him. You can tell him to read the chart to see when the next meal is... and use it to remind him of the task on the schedule for each moment. Having a consistent schedule may also help you and him with this challenge.
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Better lock up everything and I mean anything he can put in his mouth.
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Sometimes it helps to imagine that your husband is someone else. We are sometimes more patient with someone we do not already have a relationship with.
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Pamela8 Aug 12, 2022
This is great advice. My AH was mean to me and I carry that. I also get very frustrated with him. I find I use this technique when I’m about to lose it. Better for him.
His doctor may have a medication that can help. Pica can be a nutrition deficiency. Or it is a behavior as you think. I would want medical advice. Sadly no simple answer if it is behavior.
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Have you heard of Chewelry? It's a chewable necklace an adult can wear to help satisfy the need to chew. Here is a link. Within this link is a direct link to the ARK site that sells various types of Chewelry in different toughness strengths.

These things won't add calories or exacerbate DHs diabetes. They won't help you deal with the frustration of general caregiving or answering repeated questions all day long, though. You need respite. Get in home caregivers to give you a break or get DH into a daycare program, or consider placement if you're very burned out. It all gets to be too much after a while, even for a person with the patience of Job.

Best of luck.
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Grandma1954 Aug 5, 2022
My Husband did chew on almost anything he could get into his mouth. I ended up getting him infant teething toys. Took me a few before I found ones he liked. They were soft teething toys not the hard rings.
If you can break his meals up into a lot of mini meals.
So for example if breakfast is cereal, a fruit, juice, coffee
Give him cereal at 8:30
Give him fruit juice at 9:00
Some fruit at 9:30 or 10
A snack at 10:30 or 11
And start all over with lunch at 11:30 or 12
Break lunch into parts as well and dinner do the same.
If you give smaller portions you can make this an all day buffet!
If possible, does he go to an Adult Day Program? This might keep him occupied and it would be a bit easier on you.
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sp19690 Aug 5, 2022
Seems like a lot of work. It makes me tired just reading that feeding schedule. And it's not like its just a temporary thing either this would be ongoing day after day week after week month after month for god only knows how long. What a nightmare.
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