87, vascular dementia, C02 retainer.
We try during the day and right away she freaks out. I can’t breathe….awe take it off, oh I’m sick.
I’ve tried to explain as simple as I can. It can’t hurt you
It's ok just helping you breathe
doctor said it’s good for you
only 5 minutes
I even put on a mask to show her.
If she doesn’t use it, from what I understand, her Co2 levels will continue to rise.
Any other tips, ideas, experiences with this?
She is a mouth breather and show signs of sleep apnea.

Thank you

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I am with Zippy here and Mac. Mom must have heart problems. There is a reason for high CO2 levels, right? Lung desease, CHF?

At 87 with Dementia I agree maybe you should call in Hospice care. Its nor worth fighting her. She does not understand.
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When I mentioned trying a bed wedge pillow I meant to try the pillow without using a mask. I’m just speaking from my own personal experience.
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I worked for years in Sleep Medicine, and MANY perfectly healthy people (OSA/CSA aside) in their 20s, 30s, and 40s could never get used to Cpap or Bipap.

At 87 and with dementia it's not a battle worth fighting.
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Have you tried elevating her upper body and head when she’s trying to sleep? One or two wedge pillows might help to raise her up so she can breath better.

I use a bi-pap machine because of sleep apnea. A couple times I had a problem with the machine and slept on the recliner with my head elevated. I did ok that way.

I hope you’re able to find a solution that works.
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would it be possible to use it at night and place it when she falls asleep?
she would be less aware of the mask if it was put on after she fell asleep.
With dementia you will be hard pressed to get her to comply as she will not understand what it is for and she knows only that it does not belong there. And "logic" says if there is something over my mouth and nose I will not be able to breathe or talk easily.
I can tell you right now that if I ever have to have oxygen I will be one ripping it off. I do not like the feel, the smell of the plastic and any oxygen I have had during medical procedures is drying and hurts my nose.
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She has dementia. No way are you going to make her understand why she needs the mask. Actually, I am with her. I can't stand anything over my nose and mouth. I have been goid during COVID in wearing one but will not go any where I will need to wear them for a long length of time.
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