Cherylkos, welcome to the forum. So sorry you are going through this.

Please note that Memory Care is usually self-paid, thus from your pocket. For Medicaid, one has to apply, and if approved, Medicaid will pay for Nursing Home care. If you mean Medicare, Medicare does not pay for facility care unless it is Rehab, and there is a time limit for staying.

Your best bet to is tour the different facilities and see which one you feel the most comfortable with. Ask the Admin the question you asked here. There may be a Memory Care facility that will take Medicaid but only after self-pay for a certain number of month.
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AlvaDeer Nov 18, 2022
This is a great answer. I would only also welcome you to the Forum, Chery. And tell you that you should consult with an elder law attorney before applying for medicaid for your husband so that there can be the necessary division of finances so you keep funds for your own future. He or she can help you with the options on that. You are correct; as guardian it is your duty to decide when this is to happen. I hope you have the support of family or close friends.
In. Our experience from touring AL with mc... The facility determines if mc appropriate not the family.
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See an eldercare attorney.
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Yes, to a guardian being able to place their Ward when they feel its the right time. And as said Memory care is private pay. Medicaid there is certain criteria. Your monthly income has to be under a certain cap and your assets there is a limit.

I suggest, you see an Elder Lawyer and have assets split. The S
Spouse in care will spend down their split than Medicaid can be applied for.
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Cherylkos: Perhaps you should retain an elder law attorney.
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Medicaid pays for long term care (LTC) if an individual is qualitied and approved for Medicaid assistance.

Medicaid rules can differ state to state however I know of no situation where Medicaid would pay for long term care in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) or Assisted Living (AL), but not long term care in a Memory Care (MC).

There is no differentiation. Medicaid pays for LTC in a MC unit if it's been determined memory care is the level of care needed.
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JoAnn29 Nov 21, 2022
IMO, if a LTC facility has a memory care section, then Medicaid pays. MCs are usually offshoots of ALs. Most ALs have a MC side. These are private pay. In my State, if you have private paid for at least 2 yrs, Medicaid may pay for u to stay in that facility. The ALs/MCs usually only have a certain amt of beds for Medicaid so the 2 yr is not a given.

Skilled Nursing, Longterm care and Nursing homes are pretty much one and the same and Medicaid pays for this as long as your 24/7 care.
I beleive most MCs require a doctors statement. But sadly, Medicaid kicks in with nursing homes. Some states have lower Medicaid qqualifications but good luck finding a MC facility. Expect a wait list
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