There is also Aging and Disability Division DSHS.

My sister in-law wanted me to work for her. She was denied me working as her caregiver. They know I worked for her as her caregiver before and have known each other for 30 years. There was an Administrative Hearing and the judge was biased against me. Once my sister in-law found out I was denied, her health went down hill and she passed away. Is there any possible way I can get help? Will filing a complaint against the judge who did not listen to facts and had already decided to not allow me to work for her before the hearing took place without having her best interest in mind? The judge only listened to fabricated lies.

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Judges are judges for a reason.

And we are bound by their decisions, whether we agree with them or not.

I had an OB who was constantly in trouble with the law and I saw him go to court a few times and be really snarky with the judge. This did not sit well. Neither did his reams of paperwork and 'rebuttals' so to speak. The judge looked at all the evidence, spoke to my OB and found him guilty on all charges, every time.

OB could rant and rave, but IMHO, the judge would have been remiss in handing down any other judgment than what she did.

Emotions cannot play a part in the courtroom. I remember this judge telling my OB to shut up--many times. Didn't help his case.

I am afraid that you are going to have to accept what you cannot change. And as far as 'knowing' what went on behind closed doors--you don't and won't.

I'm sorry you are so angry and that this has taken so much from you. Sadly, you cannot prove beyond reasonable doubt that anything wrong was done to your SIL.

Perhaps you need some counseling to sort out your feelings.
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My question is, why did this have to be taken before a judge? Was your SIL being cared for in her home? Was Medicaid paying for her care? If so and SIL requested you, what was the initial reason given why you could not do it since you had done it for her before. And why was a Judge needed to make the decision. What was his reasoning why you were unsuitable. Are they disabilities after a certain age or just getting old? What were her health problems?

I agree, this will cost you lots of money with nothing coming out of it.
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Maria, you've referenced agencies, some apparently governmental, and others not. This is not a criticism, but it's unclear who played what role, although it seems as though the primary charge is against the judge.

Can your file complaints? Yes, but the answer is will the complaints be reviewed and what if anything will be gained. In order to prevail, you'll need to identify at least these factors:

1. How your SIL was SPECIFICALLY affected by each of the entities you want to sue. I.e., how did her health when it "went downhill" change, and how did each entity contribute?

2. How each of the entities deviated from their roles, how that might have interacted with any of them within this group, and how did the changes affect the decline in your SIL's health.

3. What remediation do you seek? Your SIL is unfortunately no longer alive, and that can't be changed. Do you want financial damages? Do you want apologies?

4. What data and proofs do you have beyond what you've written?

5. I sense there's a lot more to this situation than has been discussed here, and those issues may be the reason why it appears as though the agencies didn't support the desire for you to be your SIL's caregiver.

6. BTW, complaints against judges are to the best of my knowledge filed with the State Bar.
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Making a complaint very rarely needs any permission. However if your complaint is not drafted appropriately – just rambling, no evidence, very angry and emotional – it may be struck out rather than go to any court or tribunal. Paying to get it drafted will be expensive, and there may be fees to pay if it has to go to court. It may be struck out by a court at that stage - remember that attempts to disrupt elections have been struck out for much the same reasons. If it does get to a hearing and you lose, you may have to pay a lot in costs to the other side. Even defamation damages in favor of those you dislike so much.

This can go on for years, and ruin your life permanently. Think about other ways to cope with your anger and distress. Perhaps a session with a counselor could help you deal with it more effectively.
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Frankly, the person most affected by this is dead, so the case you have is as well. No judge is going to have anything to do with it.

I suggest you send a succinct, unemotional, and carefully proofread letter of facts only to the governmental entity that oversees these agencies. Then let it go.
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I've worked in family court and I've never seen a judicial ruling reversed. There are two sides to every story and the judges side will have their evidence too.
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I can and am filing complaint against a judge when he/she did not abide by what in the Code of Judicial Conduct - Canons and Rules. I found information on it. The judge was bias against and did not look at what my sister-in-law because a person from the state already convinced the judge I was not suitable to work my sister -in-law as I did work for before . In the last docket there were do many that went against me and they dIid a lousy job caring for my sister--law. A client has the right to choose the caregiver they want and she did not trust strangers. I already got a call from some from DSHS. and I have proof these people lied and did not have the best interest of my sister-in-law since she was in that category of an aging and had disabilities. There are 2 people in the Docket stating their training and education to help senior citizens. There is much Information that they can't date or information when it present to them. I am waiting for a call from a representative and I do have all of my information in typed. My sister-on-law was treated with respect and kindness during the Hearing but behind closed doors they were NOT focusing and paying attention to my sister-in-laws need. to my sister-in-law and they did not listen to she was saying. I will WIN !! I can get a judge to appeal very poor behavior, and conduct. I have so much evidence. that will help in this case. I do NOT want this to anyone else,. I also have a letter from my sister-in-law's Doctor it can be detrimental to her life. Her own said that and I have a letter to prove it and their pieces of evidence that will help me in this. My sister-in-law had a very bad heart and I know she was lied to and betrayed by the very people to listen to her needs as a client. My sister -in-law was so hurt and she felt so positive and optimistic this would work for her. It did contribute to her death. It affected her so much and she felt lied to and betrayed. My goal is to not have this happen to another person. She was 78 years old and no one should treat that way. I will keep fighting for clients and caregivers rights No one crosses boundaries of family.
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Geaton777 Jul 7, 2022
What started this whole thing? What reasons did they give that you were not a suitable caregiver for your SIL? What did "they" have to gain by lying under oath and removing you as the caregiver? Was this a guardianship struggle?
How on earth can you medically and definitively prove that her death was caused directly by the caregiving decision? Because this is what would be required if you had any prayer of a chance of being taken seriously in a lawsuit. You need proof proof proof. What is listed as cause of death on your SIL's death certificate?

"The judge only listened to fabricated lies." I think we are only getting one side of this story from you.

Your SIL would probably want you to move on and live your best life.

I'm sorry for what is obvioulsy a very painful loss for you. May you gain peace in your heart.
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You are very unlikely to win against the opinion of a judge.
This is over.
I would highly suggest you move on.
If you still wish to lodge complaints ask agencies, courts, and et all how to go about lodging a complaint in writing. Don't have high expectations of anything whatsoever.
The law is the law and the judges decide it. If you have billions of dollars you can take it to the supreme court. Otherwise you are pretty much better to get on with your life.
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