They told me after the fact only when I asked what my sister was having my mom sign. She didn’t answer at first. When I brought it up to another sister, she said they were having it put in all 5 of our names in the event she passed to avoid probate, but I don't know why I was never included and wonder if they can do this without my knowledge? They have also been keeping her away from the house by having her go to different sibling’s homes and not letting me know. Is this legal or just some way to get me out of the house? I truly think it's great that 2 of the siblings are finally stepping up. One lives 2 miles away and almost 7 yrs has never taken her overnight. They are just being very secretive. It's just not right as I have been there for mom when they haven't wanted to or couldn't be. Now seems to be all about the money.

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You need to see an attorney.
This is likely elder fraud.

You may want to consider contacting APS about this as well and ask that they investigate, telling them that your sisters forced your mother to sign legal documents she did not understand. Ask them to open a case to investigate.
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If you're asking us if you should see a lawyer about this: yes. But you need to have evidence of what's going on. Is one or more of the sisters your Mom's FPoA? This person needs to understand Medicaid rules for your Mom's state of residence. Most states have a 5-year "lookback" period on the application and this coud be seen as "gift", which would disqualify or delay your Mom's getting this assistance should she ever need LTC.
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This is a question for an Elder lawyer since Mom has Dementia. Does she know what she signed? Do they realize that anything done within the the 5 year look back for Medicaid can be considered fraud or gifting and can effect the ability for Mom to get Medicaid?
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Yes, I'm sorry Colleen. They are taking control of the assets now. Fully expect and anticipate that if they put mom in a home, or if she passes, her house will be sold, and you will need to find a place to live. Unfortunately, I would not expect you to receive much (I'm not sure if I would trust your sisters). If you want to fight this you are going to have to find good legal representation. If you can't afford an attorney, try legal aid, especially if you fear you will eventually be homeless. Good Luck.
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