Since April 1 of 2022 dad has been in Septic Shock 3 times. Today we just found out he is septic again for the third time and we are hoping he pulls through. The first time he had no catheter but the following two he has had a Foley catheter.

We visit him in his nursing home at least 3 times a week and we promote fluid intake. He gets tested every so often. Last test was March 1 and no UTI.

Today he has a UTI and is pooping blood.

He recently switched floors and we think staff might not have been familiar with filling his pitcher as often as they were on the other floor and we know he never speaks up.

What the heck else can we do??? I know the odds of surviving septic shock are about 60/40 from what I read. Doing it 3 times a year is NOT ideal!!! And only being 66!!!

Any thoughts/ideas?

Is your Dad in SN because of this problem or for another reason.

Has he been seen by a urologist? The antibiotics may not be working anymore and how are they being administered? The best way to atrack a bad UTI is IV. And a catheter should not be used if UTIs are frequent.

What do you mean by Skilled my area if I was having this kind of problem in one of our LTC facilities, I would be requesting he be taken to a Hospital. I don't consider Rehab skilled nursing. Now Dad has blood in his stool I would definitely have him taken to a hospital. And if they won't have him transferred I would be calling 911. Blood in his stool could be a lot of things. Tests need to be run, is this place capable of that? My Dad had internal bleeding from his blood thinner.

For your Dads UTIs a culture needs to be done to find out what bacteria is causing the problem and the correct antibiotics are being used. And what are they doing to try and keep them from occurring?
First thing, get rid of the catheter. Second, my Mom was given cranberry tablets every day and a probiotic. A probiotic should be given him when he is on antibiotics. Alva swears by D-Mannose to prevent UTIs.

They can put that pitcher of water near Dad, but does not mean Dad will drink it. Yes, it may help to wash out the bacteria better but men his age have enlarged protate problems that keep them from voiding completely. I would take him to a Urologist.
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My experience. Staff do not know patient well enough to discern early behavioral signs of UTI. Infection is not being diagnosed soon enough.
Is catheter mandatory? Very known to breed infection.
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My brother died of Septic shock, and from a teensy wound on the shin. So when the body is vulnerable, even the strep we live with every day in our bodies is an enemy that can shut down our organs one-two-three.

I cannot think what you can do but pose your question to the MDs who know this case and this patient and ask what can be done. I seriously doubt that even prophylactic antibiotics would be a help in this case, but that is for them to decide. I am so sorry this is happening. That he had his first bout of septic shock without even having a catheter indwelling is of interest. I am so sorry. Speak with the MDs. Be certain they are getting back into the computer to see this recent history.
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If you think he's not getting enough water, write a note in big letters (PLEASE KEEP WATER PITCHER FILLED -- THANK YOU), and tape it to his bed or food tray. You'd be surprised at how that will jiggle the staff's memory to keep it filled.
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