Hi, I am taking care of my Ex of 23 years. He is diabetic, blind, heart attack, can't walk right side effected from a stroke. Placed him in a rehab for therapy. He ended up with 4 stage bed sores on the back and his heels, few other places, not all 4 stage it is all bad. The one on his back is very bad to the bone his kidney function is not good in terrible pain. The doctor said wound on the back is so severe it will not heal. He said he set up and appt for the palliative team could talk to me. Started talking about comfort his pain. Ask different things like feeding tube dialysis I said no, things that would prolong his life. My answer was no to all. Started comfort care, I'm confused. He is still alert, he knows whats going on. I ask him he doesn't want everything stopped. Just his pain under control, I wanted that stuff done when this function begins to shut down on their own. What do I tell them, comfort care or palliative care?

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Glip, if you could ask him so should they, why are they coming to you? The answer to all these questions his his to give, not yours, unless he is totally incompetent to do so. And even then, your duty as his advocate is to answer as you know he would have, even if you personally don't agree.
In the USA palliative care is different than hospice care, both focus on treating symptoms while acknowledging there is no cure, which sounds like what you are already doing.
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