An agency owner that I was interviewing for possible services told me that I would have to become an employer if I hired an independent aide. I would be reimbursed by my ltc insurance company for the daily expense for ADL’s but the insurance company wants her personal information and ss#. I can’t seem to find an agency that will allow their employees to drive and that is essential for me.

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If the insurance company wants the aid's personal info and SSN I would interpret that as meaning they are going to issue the 1099 or W2 to them directly. As an employer I have done both.

But, I'm confused as to why the insurance company would "reimburse" you rather than paying for the aid directly throught the agency? Is this your assumption or is this actually what is happening? You need to ask the LTC insurance company so that the aid or agency doesn't get 2 1099s or W2s, which would be a problem and headache.

Also, if the LTC insurance company is hiring the aid from an agency, the agency is the one that issues those income reports to the aid since that is their employer, not you or the LTC insurance company. The LTC insurance company would be contracting with the agency. I don't think you fully understood what the agency owner was telling you.

"I can’t seem to find an agency that will allow their employees to drive and that is essential for me."

This is a separate issue. Are you saying they won't allow their aid to drive the client around in their car? Would they allow it if they drove the client's or your car?
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Linda1230 May 3, 2024
Hi Geaton
What I was saying is I want to hire an aide myself and not use an agency. I will pay the aide and request reimbursement from LTC In that scenario do I have to become an “employer “ and provide 1099?
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I woud speak with your LTC company first. Then consider a CPA or other tax advisor. I honestly have no blue. I am hopeful that someone here has hired using their LTC policy and will have an answer for you. This is a good question. I just wish I had an answer. Good luck.
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Linda1230 May 3, 2024

Yes I think I have to speak to a tax advisor. I had called the insurance company and they said they do not do the 1099’s. Yet they want the ss# and personal information of anybody I hire. I thought since they want that info they should provide the 1099 to the individuals we choose. If I hire an agency they accept assignment but I don’t think they would pay the individuals by assignment because they want to reimburse me via my bank
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