The picture frame referred to in my question contains photos from our large family- six children, their spouses, about 25 grand and great grandchildren. Mom loves to watch the photos change every 15 seconds, but she does not recognize most of the faces. Should I limit how many pics are on the frame or let mom sit and look at anll of them anyway because she enjoys looking at them?

If she LOVES it why would it matter WHAT it was filled with? Could be pretty flowers and spanials, right? She loves it. Let her love it. Wish all questions were this easy, and glad this is the worst problem going in this dear lady's world today.
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Please keep the photos, they bring pleasure, and who really knows if there are glimmers of recognition. Perhaps she simply knows they are people who make her happy, and that’s enough
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I wouldn't remove the photos but maybe add some random beautiful nature or other random fun photos. She may get bored with fewer. Consider it the same as staring out a window but with changing scenes. Our frame allows tagging photos which I have begun in case I begin forgetting even if I forget how to read. My concern is to inform the rest of the family why I have them in our frame even if I forget.

If you can change the setting maybe add a little more time between the change. When I became concerned my husband was not seeing properly, our neuro-opthalmalogist said there is nothing physically wrong with his eyes but rather he is having trouble at times "processing" what he sees.

I agree with everyone, as long as she enjoys them then do not be concerned with how or why she enjoys them. I remember reading somewhere (maybe even here) that hobbies and former interests do not need to end with dementia. We don't have to understand how much they comprehend, whether it is simply reading or looking at a collectibles, etc., as long as they seem content and not upset. It was advised not to use our reasoning to make decisions for someone with dementia as long as it is a safe activity for them to continue.
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Why not? If she enjoys them. You can explain if you want, but don't expect her to remember and don't push for that. Delete any that seem to upset her for any reason.
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Sure, keep the photos, even if she doesn’t recognize the people. She likes seeing the pictures.
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Adding in some pictures from her youth might be nice for her too, as long as it doesn't get her obsessing about all those people and places.
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We gave one of these to my MIL some years ago. The kids loaded it up with pictures and I don't think she ever plugged it in and watched it. She was so anxiety ridden, that seeing pics of kids she didn't KNOW was disturbing to her.

I have one and it's not on all the time. Maybe one week of a month and I love looking at the photos and seeing the new ones as they get posted.

If it's not upsetting to your mom, leave it be. Maybe turn it off once in a while, give her a rest.

I probably have over 400 pics on mine and it's delightful to walk in the LR and see who is on the screen.
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We had a photo album in my mother‘s room of all her pictures and all the places that her parents had lived in the family farm and her and my dad’s home their belongings and some great memories.

We thought it was wonderful and she did too… for about a week or two. At first, she really really enjoyed it….but then all of a sudden she started to get upset and anxious and was wandering …trying to find her mother (deceased years ago). It was making her anxious and she was having bad dreams.

Her caregivers reached out to me and asked me to remove the albums because it was causing her such anxiety., which we did, and all the symptoms stopped and everything went back to her normal state.

She never asked about them again.
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KPWCSC Feb 18, 2024
Thank you for this insight. Do you think it would be helpful to have an album of more general photos? My husband has REM sleep disorder where he acts out his dreams. The same as your mom, we had to start limiting the military movies and books he enjoyed because he then was reenacting the wars in his dreams. Limiting what he watched and read made a big difference. So I agree, everything can be so individual whether things bring pleasure or not.
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Of course you should leave it on. First nothing is being hurt by doing so, second how do you know if she does not have moments of recognition when you are not there. Don’t robb her of that. Even if simply she enjoys them without knowing why would you even condider taking that away.
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I had pictures everywhere. … many, hung on the walls, of her loved ones. We used a ptouch and labeled them with names and how they were related to her. For example: “Wayne, your brother”. She loved them and did not have to ask or guess who they were. She cherished them.
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