My 94 yo father-n-law wears diapers. Our problem is leakage. We use the extra absorbent Depends for men, but overnight is a real issue. He is soaked in the morning. We have waterproof covers to keep his chair dry (he sleeps in a recliner).

Does anyone have tips or tricks to help keep him dryer? Other than going in his room at midnight and changing him, I don't know of any other alternatives or better diapers.

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I use for my dad, large washable pads. I ordered them online. Some are quite large, so I cut them in half. I put them on the bed, so bedsheets aren't soiled. I just put them in the washer with some bleach. There's some vinyl underwear available, but they can cause a rash, if not changed enough.
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This is a tough one. I have the same issues with my husband, whom I (affectionately) refer to as “Mr. Niagara Falls”. I’ve considered discussing permanent catheterization with him. I have experimented with a lot of different brands of adult briefs. I’ve written to medical supply places for free samples, and in my experience, the more the briefs cost the better they are. These are not store brands, and I’ve found that the very popular Depends are one of the least absorbent. It’s trial and error. You may also want to limit his fluid intake in the late afternoon and evening. Coffee/tea after about 3PM is a no-no. Juices also seem to have a diuretic effect. Medications can also cause heavy urination.

Check medical supply companies online and order some free samples.
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