My close friend is in the near to last stages of Alzheimer's. She definitely needs to be placed in a nursing home. Her internist has the paperwork ready for her to be admitted. However, she has Mediciare and La. State Employees Group Benefits for Retirees and Advantage. The nursing home in question will not accept Advantage. Her son, who has power of attorney, has to find another insurance come that this nursing home will accept. This means, in the meantime, my friend is getting worse every day. She has to wait until January 2010 when a new policy will go into effect. Does anyone know what should we do in the meantime? Her doctor says he cannot do anything until January 2010. Please help, if you can?

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Nurisng homes don't take regular Medicare (except a fixed number of days right out of the hospital) so, I'm not surprised that the Medicare Advantage policy is a problem.

She could go to a home as a private pay person. Once her assests are gone, she would go on Medicaid. It would depend on her Advantage policy as to whether they cover long-term care at all.

It's obvious that you are a loving person and you know she shouldn't be alone. Can you work with her familiy on getting her in on private pay? Is it certain she will be covered in 2010? If she definitely is covered when the year turns, maybe you can get in-home help for her for the next month?

You could go to your state's Web site under aging care and find a phone number and see if they have someone who can help you.

Good luck with this.
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Thank you so much, Carol,and for answering so quickly. I will let you know what happens.

Janel Furlong
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