Oh my, can I relate to this. My late husband had the same problem getting up every hour on the hour all day and night long. And I too had to help him as he was a fall risk. This went on for about 8 months and we both were exhausted, although more so me as I couldn't take little cat naps during the day like he did.
I swear we tried every bladder spasm medication out there and none of them helped. His urologist also tried putting Botox in his bladder as that supposedly can help calm the bladder down, but that too didn't help.
For a while I would just use a plastic urinal overnight so he wouldn't have to get out of bed, though I still had to to hold the urinal for him as he only had use of one arm/hand.
Running on no sleep was one of the hardest parts of my caregiving journey, and it's really so very harmful for all involved.
Finally my husbands urologist recommended that he get a supra pubic(permanent)catheter, which was a Godsend for sure. I only had to empty his catheter bag twice a day and we both were finally able to sleep through the night.
It's hard this I know. Make sure that that your dad sleeps in Depends or some kind of diaper(but don't call them that in front of him)and has several waterproof pads under him, and if you can, try convincing him to stay in the bed and just pee in his Depends. Just know that that if he agrees to that that he will be soaked whenever he finally does get up, so be prepared to have to change and clean him thoroughly.
At one point with my husband I had to tell him that after midnight he couldn't get up until 3:00 a.m. and then again not until 6:00 a.m. so I could at least get a few hours sleep.(this of course was before he got the catheter) I would set my alarm for both times and both times he would be absolutely soaked, so I would have to change him and clean him up before I could go back to sleep. But having several waterproof pads under him meant that I just needed to get the wet one out and there was already a dry one under him.
I wish you the very best in getting things figured out and mostly I wish you rest.
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Gail325, had your Dad's primary doctor ordered a test for Urinary Tract Infection? Easy test for your Dad, pee in a cup.

Urinary Tract Infections will cause one to feel like they need to go to the bathroom quite frequency.

If it isn't an UTI, then the doctor can prescribe meds geared to help with that type of situation. One product is Flomax.
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My mother (96 yo) has dementia, and there are occasional nights when she gets up every 3 hours to go to the bathroom, no matter what steps have been taken. Ugh.

But for the most part, these things have worked to insure that most nights she sleeps through the night.....

1. No napping during the day. I get her up around 11:30 am and have her stay up until around 5:00/5:30 pm. This is when she drinks water, she eats, we talk (somewhat), she gets physical therapy etc. Sitting up also helps keep her lungs clear.

2. She gets 2 AZO Cranberry gummies to help with bladder health. (She thinks they're candy.)

3. Before bedtime (around 5 pm) she gets one 25 mg CBD fruit gummy and one 3 mg melatonin gummy. (She thinks it's candy.)

4. I also make sure that she has regular bowel movements. If she skips a day, I give her Milk of Magnesia before bedtime and the next day she will have a BM. (I've found that being irregular will also interrupt her sleep.)

5. I have a sleep white noise machine by her bed that has ocean wave sounds. Very calming and she always loved the beach and the ocean.

She takes no pharmaceuticals and no MiraLax which can cause mental disruptions. The Milk of Magnesia works naturally.

(I tried Tramadol and it had the opposite effect. Some people just can't take the synthetic pharmaceuticals.)

Even though she wear Depends underwear, she still tries not to soil herself and is mostly continent.
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TouchMatters Mar 14, 2023
Excellent and thank you.
I will print this out for my use / clients. Gena
My husband used a urinal(s) for years after his stroke. He had a whole stable of them on his nightstand and I would empty them in the morning. Then he started wetting the bed so we went to the condom catheters for night. That worked really well until I got tired of putting them on/off. Then we got a supra-public catheter. What a wonderful thing that is! So easy - just dump the pee in the morning & you're done! I change the catheter myself and that's easy too. I love my undisturbed sleep and this has been the best solution for both of us. Now we both get a good night's sleep. Talk to his urologist and don't let them brush you off.
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Speaking of medications, make sure he isn't taking a diuretic at night.
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Deb555 Mar 14, 2023
You are so correct on this. M-I-L used to get up several times at night. Once I figured out she was taking the diuretic at bedtime, I changed it to afternoon. She only needed to get up once a night after that.
I would definitely check with the doctor to see if he has a UTI. His doctor can give him prescription medications to try that may reduce all night urination. Avoiding caffeinated, carbonated, and tart drinks after 2pm can also help cut down on night time urination. Basically, avoiding anything that tickles/stimulates the bladder. I have also read that some families put in a permanent catheter so they only have to change the bag twice a day helps everyone get the rest that they need. If your Dad has advanced Dementia, he might be tempted to pull it out, so it may not work for him. Wearing disposable mens under garments with an added pad in the middle that is easy to remove, change out, and dispose of is another option. There are also disposable undergarments that hold up to 104 ounces and keep moisture away from the skin. It may be a bit bulky, but worth a try. He would have to learn how to just let it go. It may take practice during the day. When you have to get up every hour to urinate it can destroy getting good quality sleep and exacerbate Dementia symptoms. Good luck with everything,
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Has he been transitioned to adult incontinence briefs? If not, maybe consider this. Remove all his cloth undies and have him just use the disposables.

Does he go all the way into the bathroom? If you put a commode chair next to his bed, could he use that by himself instead?

Otherwise there may be a medication for this problem.

Getting up to pee at night is one of the primary causes of falls for the elderly. It's dark and they are disoriented and in a hurry.
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Good morning, I had the same problem with my husband until I bought the urinal that attaches to a bag. I bought it from Amazon. Saved my sleepless nights of having to help him. I bought a little stand from walmart that he can hook the urinal on and set it right next to his bed. Just incase there is leakage, which I have not run into yet, I do place plastic on the floor and put the bag in a plastic open square container. This way if the tubing leaks, or the bag leaks I have double coverage. Your father would not have to leave the bed if he uses this. We have been using this system for 2 years now. My husband is bedridden.

If your father can stand by himself another idea is to get one of those standing urinals that he can pee into and the urine drains into a container as well and set it right next to his bed. A friend of mine uses this.

There are many gadgets out there that will help you. Amazon is a great place to look because people give their reviews with their situation and it is very helpful. Good luck!!
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TouchMatters Mar 14, 2023
Great idea. I never heard of this stand up urinal. The things we learn on this site ! (smile and thank you).

Gena / touch matters
Have you been with Dad to his urologist to assess what might be done. He is likely getting little sleep that is not disturbed, and there may be medications to help. He may have some prostate problems that need addressing. I sure do wish you good luck. Some people swear that a bit of apple cider vinegar in warm water can calm the bladder a lot if there is hyperactivity, but I think it perhaps an old wives tale.
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There are meds that are prescribed for this condition.

Best wishes to you and your father.
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