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As my grandmother always said to eat your chicken soup when feeling under the weather. But now a days I assume we would have to search for organic poultry or grass fed beef. Rather than open a can or buy the .99 cent chicken. Hoping for healthy results.

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Yes alarming to read the ingredients and words you can’t pronounce or ever heard of. MSG is banned from diet at least I try it makes me so bloated and sick yet it is hidden in so many things.
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I am in my mid 60's.
The first 1/3 of my life I ate almost all organic...because that is pretty much all there was.
Mid 1/3 comes the giant conglomerates and mass production so out goes the almost all organic.
Last 1/3 I doubt that it will make that much of a difference if I go back to an organic diet.
So I intend to make the best selections as I can. I am not going to stress about it. I doubt that switching will change what will happen to me in the next 5, 10, 15 or more years.

The interesting thing is...I have seen so much about the "new" plant based meat products that are becoming more popular and I looked at several packages and nowhere on the packages I have seen does it indicate that the product is made from organically grown plants. So the people putting all the organic produce in the shopping cart toss in what could be a major portion of the meal that may not be organic. One of the conglomerates that has a plant based meat company is Conagra..would you trust that company for your plant based meat?
Is it worth it to pay what is sometimes double for organic?
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kbuser Mar 2020
I am surprised there aren't more people exposing these plant based meat products. They are extremely high in sodium and not any healthier than a burger. Dr Oz did a segment on them, it isn't healthy.
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You have to remember that the health effects of our lifestyle habits accumulate over a lifetime. While some dietary changes might make sense - for example watching blood sugars for diabetics, sodium for those with high blood pressure and fluid retention, high levels of saturated and trans fats for those with high cholesterol - IMO an organic diet is highly unlikely to make any significant difference for someone in the latter years of life.
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anonymous775364 Mar 2020
So true.
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