I live in the San Diego area & have been searching for an appropriate placement for my father without success. Because he is blind & requires diabetic medication management, no AL will accept him. I have found an MC that will take him, but with additional charges for the nursing care, as well as a group home that is willing to skirt the requirements for nursing care & would preform the tasks without additional charges. Both will cost just over $8k a month. A nursing home runs $12k to $15k per month in this area. He does not, and will not qualify for Medicaid.

If I go 20miles down the road & cross the border, I can put him into a beautiful nursing facility with his own room & everything covered for less than half the price. I could even rent a house & hire a full time nursing staff ( yes, a full staff ) for less than half of anything located in the San Diego area.

Any positive or negative experiences with care facilities & agencies in Mexico?

Due to the fact that he is blind and requires medication management would he qualify for Skilled Nursing that might be covered by Medicare or Medicaid?
If you are considering the facility in Mexico I would make sure his insurance would cover him for any other problems that might arise.
Is his health in general pretty good?
Have you seen the facility?
Does your father speak Spanish? Do you? Both very important for proper communication with the actual staff that will be working with your dad as well as you. Talking to administration is one thing but talking to the staff that is doing hands on care directly is another thing.
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Invisible0ne, first thing check to see if your Dad's medical coverage [Medicare} would be accepted in Mexico. Your Dad may need to purchase private medical insurance.
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Mexico is a beautiful country. Have you seen the facility in person, will there be any language barriers, etc? Good luck
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