I took my dad to the ER. MY 2 older brothers weren't around. They were taking care of my dad. But weren't bringing him in for medical treatment or falls and neglected to give my dad his meds. My dad had bp 238/50 hour 28. I just got off vacation and took my dad to the ER. HE almost died. Now they refuse to let me see my dad. He flashed a general and medical POA. And security wouldn't let me see my dad. While in ICU and the ER I told them of my dad's care and neglect. I don't think they reported it. I fear for my dad's life and we'll being. 😔 I just want to see my dad and see if he is still getting rehabilitation. I was there for 4 days before the older 2 showed up. Not a call or nothing. I literally couldn't believe all he brought my dad was bills. Why? To a cardiac situation would you stress our dad out? Has anyone dealt with parent abuse, neglect and taking financial advantage? They're keeping my dad from seeing me or my other brother. There are 5 of us total.

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You do have to prove POA when dealing with a Hospital. Mine was on file at all Moms doctors and the local Hospital. And, I think siblings have a right to see paperwork to prove another sibling has POA. Otherwise its just their word. I also don't think that a POA has the right to ban someone from seeing a parent unless that person causes trouble in some way.

I would go to the SW and ask that Dad be looked at very carefully and explain you feel he is not being cared for. I would also consult with a lawyer to see if having a POA gives brother a right to ban you.

I will be seeing a lawyer soon to get our POAs done. These are two questions I will be asking him. (1) does a POA have the authority to ban people from seeing a LO. (2) if asked to produce a POA do they have to show it to another sibling especially.
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Call APS and report the brother's neglectful care. You might mention that they have "locked you out" because of your criticisms. I would stress only their care of Dad, his blood pressure on admission when you took him to hospital, your fears of stroke in future, fact that they took bills in to him (something a POA should be handling themselves).
If your father is competent he can ask to see you. If there has been disruption and dissension in the hospital room ALL may be kicked out.
Your father made your brother POA. He did this for his own reasons when competent to do it. Now, if still competent he can change it, but if not, it is too late.
I would tell APS only the following.
1. I found my father ill and took him to hospital where he was admitted with the following BP
2. He lives with his son and has made him POA; son is, I am afraid, neglecting my father. He has now forbidden me even to visit so I cannot even monitor my Dad or get updates (don't mention rehab; this is in hands of the doctors, etc at this time).
3. I fear for my father's life and request a welfare check on him and what the hospital found his condition mentally and physically to be. I would ask for followup when my Dad is home as I am helpless to help and monitor him at this time. I request a home check and a check on brother's financial management of Dad as he brought in a pile of bills while Dad was hospitalized with elevated pressure.
I would not go into much more other than to answer their questions.
I understand how horribly distressed you must be with this lockout when youfeel desperate for your Dad's health BUT do know, the more calm and clear and succinct and brief you can be, the farther you will get. STRESS your Dad, his health, your fear for his health and finances and living condition. Do NOT stress the "you" in this.
If APS cannot help you can try an Elder Law Attorney; be certain to get one you pay BY THE HOUR, not with an up front fee. And do know that the POA has the "keys to the kingdom" and is the "lion at the gate". They have been given this by the principal party involved. I sure do wish you the best; you must feel terribly helpless.
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A PoA is under no obligation to show their document and therefore "prove" their authority. You actually got more than some siblings do.

You can go to an elder law attorney and consult about what to do in this situation. The attorney might suggest writing your PoA brother a letter threatening to force him to disclose the paperwork in front of a judge. The threat alone may be enough for him to show you the paperwork without going to court. If the document is legally valid (meaning your father created it when he was of sound mind) then your only other option is to put together a case for abuse/neglect by him BUT you need to have concrete proof. Again, the attorney can decide if you would have enough to go on. I'm sorry you're in this situation...I hope it can be peacefully resolved outside of court.
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