SO right on. There's no upside to being old; if there is, I haven't run across it yet and at 87 you'd think I would have made this earth-shattering discovery--if it is there to be made.
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Several things can happen with dementia.
If you are talking about being able to do something one day and not the next but then she can the following day that could be anything.
If you are talking about not regaining the ability to do what she did before that could be due to Vascular Dementia and a mini stroke. My Husband went from walking one day to not walking the next. Went from being able to feed himself one day and couldn't another.
The other thing that can happen with dementia is Muscular contracture. My Husbands left arm became very stiff and his hand was clenched and the arm drawn up to the body. (interesting when he went on Hospice and when I gave him his first dose of Morphine I was able to move his arm easily for the first time in months)

If you explain a bit m ore what is happening you might get better reasons.
BUT it is always a good idea to check out something new with her doctor.
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Things tend to change on a dime, literally, when dementia is involved. Call moms doctor to update them about this mobility issue and ask if a hospice evaluation is in order.

Best of luck to you.
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I am not certain what you mean by "cannot move". Do you mean this as her being weak and unsteady or in more pain? For me at 81 some days I am strong as anything and some days I just am not. I am in more pain from joints, or feeling more breathless on my walks when I am on the uphill. I question myself all the time about this. How care it vary so much. I tell myself "maybe it's allergies today" or whatever guess I have. I don't take anything for pain as I have a history of diverticulitis and most medications mess with the mucus membranes lining our guts, bowel, etc. Not good. So it isn't pain meds or the lack of it.

I doubt it's manipulation per se. It could be depression? There's just no upside to being old, quite honestly. And some days are more tough than others. For you, who have moved from being a DD to a caregiver, I am certain some days you can weather things better than others, as well?

I guess all this to say, it's anyone's guess. I sure do wish you both the best.
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