My mother has to use a beside potty for number 1 & 2. We have been using potty bags we can just toss out. Well, today we got a call from our landlord stating the Department of Sanitation sent them a warning about human excrement being in the dumpster at our address. The dumpster is shared by 4 other homes, so luckily they didn't know it was us but told us to make sure we don't do that because the DOS warned them that if it happened again they would terminate their contract with them, and we wouldn't have garbage services. Now I am concerned. What am I supposed to do? She uses the bathroom daily, so we have to change the bag daily. I don't know how we are supposed to dispose of it now. We are thinking about just letting her use the bucket in the potty, and we just dump it in the toilet and clean it out each day. The bag was just so much easier and less time-consuming since we already have so many other things we have to take care of with her as well as work and other daily life activities. Any advice would be great. Thank you.

I was surprised when I learned that many people bag up the waste from the bedside commode, I've never understood why you wouldn't just flush it. If you leave an inch or so of water in the bottom of the bucket and perhaps a squirt of pinesol it can make the clean up easier.
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When my husband had to use the bedside commode for the last 22 months of his life(just for poop as he had a permanent catheter)I just put about 5 inches or so of water in the bottom of the commode and sprayed some Poo-Pourri in it, as he was in our living room and I didn't want our house to smell like poop.
I then just took it to the toilet and flushed it down and cleaned out the basin with ammonia, so it was ready for the next day.
That is such an easy solution.
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No, no, no and no. You do not put human excrement in bags in the garbage. I know it seems a moot point, as the baby diapers full of poop and pee that we throw out daily must go to the billions. Nevertheless, this is a no no by any rules.

So no bag. Plastic is the dickens anyway. Just the bucket, and the periodic emptying into the toilet, brush and flush. Use a bit of bleach periodically to really sanitize.

Yes, plastic is easier. That's why we are burying our civilization in it.
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Forget the plastic bag.
Place a bit of water in the "bucket", that will make cleaning it out easier.
As soon as she is done using the commode dump the bucket in the toilet and rinse it out, spray with a sanitizer if you wish and replace it back on/under the commode.
Do this each time. Not any more difficult or time consuming than taking a plastic bag, tying it up and bringing it to the trash bin.
If you still wish to use the bag then just empty the bag into the toilet then toss out the bag.

A comment about the bag...and the possible reason for DOS not wanting it.
There is a big difference between a diaper (baby) an adult incontinence product (tab type or pull up type) and a bag of loose urine and fecal matter.
The absorbent qualities of the incontinence products remove almost all moisture so there is less of a chance that there is liquid or fecal matter that will "contaminate" the inside of a truck as well as the possibility of workers becoming soiled if a bag breaks open.
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Ramona24 Mar 26, 2023
That was very helpful information that you gave, and thank you for doing it in such a nice, informative way unlike some people who have to respond to the author like she's an idiot.
OMG into the toliet stop using the bag
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Interesting question and answers. If human waste is forbidden in landfills, then what about millions of dog poop bags that are tossed in public trash cans daily?
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Oh, for crying out loud! Right on the potty bags are instructions that say, after use, carefully dispose of waste in toilet. My mom had a commode in her room. I never even knew “potty bags” existed. (IMO a dumb product) A commode is not that difficult to empty in the toilet, rinse, sanitize.
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To be honest, I always tried to clean as much off as I could from the baby diaper into the toilet. I had a Genie so they got wrapped up.

I never understood those bags. Just empty the bucket in your toilet and flush. Rinse the bucket well and like said put some water in it. I would use Clorox wipes to wash it out.
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sunnydayclouds Mar 26, 2023
That’s what I did.
For mom, I put an open disposable diaper flat inside the bucket. I used the cheapest ones i could find. After use, I put it in trash bag and disposed of them the same way as any other disposable diaper (in trash).
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Use the bucket. Place a small amount of water with some soap/detergent in the bottom (makes it easier to clean). Dump in toilet. Hopefully, toilet is near shower. Get a handheld shower attachment that can "pause" the flow of water and a long hose so you can clean the bucket out easier.
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