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Freqflyer is right. I work for an "in home care agency" and some agencies do offer live in caregivers. That way, they are licenced, bonded, must be fully background checked, TB tested, etc.
You can also do the shifts with different caregivers so one person is not stuck there 24/7. That seems to make more sense.
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Angels, you can try by going through a caregiving Agency to see if they have any caregivers who would want to be live-in, thus work around the clock as needed. Or you can check caregiving websites. If you find someone on your own, you need to figure out if you pay the payroll taxes, or will the caregiver if she is "independent contractor'.

I see from your profile that your Mom has general age decline. What are her current limitations? Is she mobile enough to get around on her own inside the house, or does she need to be constantly watched? Any meds involved that your Mom needs to take?

You'd probably want the live-in to do basic housework, if she has time, or will you have a cleaning person or crew come in once a week. The only thing I think would be an issue is that a caregiver living-in is on call 24/7, thus can become burnt out very quickly. That is why nursing homes have 3 shifts per day.

Oh, I just remembered something, your Mother would need to add a "workman's comp" insurance rider onto Mom's homeowner's insurance, just in case the worker gets hurt on the job, but only if the caregiver isn't working for an Agency,.

There is so much to think about, and other writers here can tell you of their experiences or that of others.
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