What are the steps to obtain Medicaid in Washington state?

Perhaps. However, I think there is also benefit in getting a little info from others (such as what's been given here), digging in deeper yourself, and then getting some help with interpretation.
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Sally, go online for your state and look up "How to apply for Medicaid in Washington State".
Also look up "What is Medicaid"
and look up "Qualifications to receive Medicaid in Washington State.

Medicaid is a program that is a combination of State and Federal taxpayer funds for those indigent or without sufficient funds or assets who require care. Their pensions (if they have any) and SS payments go directly to their care facility and Medicaid picks up the rest if they are in care.

There are qualifications to meet to apply according to "need" as well.
It is all quite complicated and it is all according to your own state.
This will be requiring a lot of research on your own part for your own elder or your own needs, and you may or may not require the help of an elder law attorney or a Social Worker.
Often if a senior is entering care it is easiest done from a Hospitalization, when you can rope in those social workers to help you and work their magic.
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Call them.
I do not understand the question ...
If you cannot pursue, ask someone to help you.
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Call the local office.
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Call or go online to your local social services office, and they will direct you with what steps you need to take.
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TouchMatters Jun 7, 2024
Important to realize that if this person doesn't know to call them, she / he will get very lost on the internet. S/he may create pass/w and forget... fill in forms and not know how to access ... or fill out.

S/he needs someone to help / do the research for her/him.
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