And not keep worrying about the next time there is a crisis or big problem with Mom? Things are pretty calm right now. How to appreciate now. And not think about something could come up at anytime?


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It's human to worry, Hadnuff, but you're also wise enough to see that worry is keeping you from enjoying the quiet times.

Meditation can help us live in the moment. Meditation can mean something as formal as guided meditation (you can get CDs or find methods online) or it can mean prayer. It can mean sitting quietly in a calm place and practicing just "being” while you breathe slowly, concentrating on your body’s relaxed response.

Reading something that you enjoy can also be a form of meditation in that it takes you out of your tumbled mindset and into another world, if just temporarily.
A long bath with fragrant soap, a warm (or cool) drink, soothing music, anything that soothes you can help you live in the moment. Just believing that you deserve this time of not worrying can help.

We've all faced a lot of emergencies so it's hard to let go of that always being on call feeling. Unless you're more skilled than most of us, you likely won't completely feel free of stress. However, as I've heard people say - we are human beings not human doings. We don't have to be accomplishing something every minute. We deserve some quiet time. Time to be. Try to detach emotionally from the feeling that the world will end if you aren’t in charge of things at all times.
Few of us find it easy to live in the moment. We are either ruminating over the past or planning our next move. But that’s how life passes us by.

I hope that you can take a deep breathe and work on knowing that you deserve this bit of quiet time with no drama. Then do whatever sounds soothing – or make up your own fun. We behind you all the way.
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Great question. Responsible people often worry. This requires daily stress management. The crisis I fear may never occur, challenges I never considered come up. I try to get good rest, exercise, keep a sense of humor, vent here on this site, and have faith that whatever happens, my sister and I will figure it out with the help of god, and a few good doctors and lawyers.
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Hadnuff, It is like waiting for the other shoe to drop. If nothing has happened for awhile, then that becomes a worry too. There are peaceful breathing exercises you could try. Everyone does that a little different.
I try to start thanking God for everything good he is and has done in our lives and in the lives of people we pray for. If you really think about it, especially when there is a crisis you are exactly living in the present moment. You already know how to do that, right?
However, I think I know what you are talking about. Often, it is just like having PTSD, you are reliving or expecting a crisis, when it doesn't come, your mind is experiencing the crisis as if it is happening now, then your body follows in cooperation with your thoughts with physiological responses of flight or fight.
CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS, somehow, check back for other's responses before you become ill. Good that you asked your question now.
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Yoga is right it is human to worry, to plan, and to anticipate the next crisis. Nobody, other than the caregivers have a realisic, though many times what appears to others a pessimistic or negative outlook on our loved ones health. But, IMHO, better to be prepared for the worst than not be ready because of living in the land of denial.
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