Last night was so hard. He "pounds on the mattress which sounds like a cannon when you are trying to get to sleep. I finally went to another bedroom and soon he came looking for me and said I want you by back I went. It took a couple of hours more to fall asleep. This seems so petty but I do need my sleep! I feel it today. I found an old "white noise machine we have had for years which has different story sounds, rain, thunder, birds, wind, etc.mmi thought Imwould try that tonight but I don't want to upset him. What do you think? Does anyone else have this experience and why do they do that? The neurologist diagnosed him with atypical dementia, tells me little, could this movement be a symptom of Parkinson's? He has no tremors, just quick repetitive finger movements.

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Parkinson's? That would surprise me if it was a symptom. They are discovering a broader range of things in Parkinson's, though.

I wondered if mittens might help. If you're husband is doing it involuntarily, mittens might muffle the sound. Maybe it might even provide enough feedback to help stop the movement. I've not run across this before, so am really clueless. I know it would be driving me crazy, no matter how much I loved my husband.
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LuvRLabs2, I would discuss this issue with your hubby's doctor... maybe there is a med that could be given to help calm him down that doesn't have a lot of side effects.

For you being the caregiver, sleep is extremely important. I know how that feels when there are interruptions and trying to fall back to sleep... I usually find I don't get any sleep afterwards, so look out world, I am not user friendly.
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Try headphones during the day.
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