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You need to call his Doctor and make him aware the man can no longer swallow. At the late stage of Dementia, this could mean the body is shutting down. He is in the dying process and Hospice could be brought in to keep him comfortable. Hopefully ur POA so can follow thru with his care. If not, you need to contact someone who has the authority to take over from here.
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Your friend has what appears to be advanced dementia now. Since you are 70 years old yourself, you're in no position to be caring for him in THIS condition! He needs more help than you are capable of giving him; does he have family you can contact to let them know he's declined to this degree? Can you call his doctor for guidance and perhaps a hospice evaluation to be ordered? The hospice company may be able to get him placed into a hospice facility where he can receive 24/7 care now.

I'm so sorry you are witnessing such a difficult decline in your friend. I hope that you can make the necessary calls to get him the end of life care he needs now.
Best of luck to you and to your friend as well.
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Is the patient under hospice care?

Do you have POA?

What kind of help are you looking for?
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