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There are also senior community centers in some areas. Ours offers exercise classes, lunch Monday through Friday, art classes, games, field trips, etc.

The community centers won’t be all day. If you want all day then look into daycare. Some are connected to the assisted living facilities. Others are independent.

Some churches also have senior activities. You may have to be a member of the church.
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I used adult day care for my mom with Alzheimer's. It was hard to get her out of the house to go. I had to use therapeutic white lies to get her to go most of the time. Most of the time when she got there she would have a wonderful day. She was always quite the social butterfly so it gave her an opportunity to socialize. She was even the senior prom queen one year! That was a fun day!

Isolation is never a good idea. They need socialization and if you were to try to do it all yourself you would burn out in no time!
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I do companion sitting and several of my friends use adult day care and they enjoy the socialization, it is beneficial for their well-being.

You should go and check out the options to see how well they are ran and if it is the right fit. A good one will welcome your presence. Visit every one in your vicinity to comparison shop.

Your dad will do better if you visit with him and then help him adjust by participating for a bit, even for short amounts of time.

Best of luck finding the best place that enriches dad's life and gives you some breathing room.
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Men are always in short supply in any senior group environment. How would you deal with it if your dad fell in love with another client attending the adult day program? What if dad insisted on getting married, or insisted on bringing his new love interest home to live with him? What if the new person was a scammer, or had scammer relatives? Or what if the new person was not a scammer, but someone with even worse brain damage or dementia than dad, but little support from family and friends, and all of a sudden you are minding two people. Adding new people into you dad's life could have unintended consequences.
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MACinCT Jan 31, 2023
I feel that you are thinking way outside the box here. Because the man is incapacitated, it would be difficult to get get married and at least the process could be undone.
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My mom attends a respite program at a local Senior Center. She loves going
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I had my Husband in Adult Day program and it was the early "stepping stone" I needed. I got a break and he got a break from me.
My Husband was a Veteran and a program through the VA paid for the Day Program.
He may not like that Adult Day Program but you should give it a try.
Many will have different activities for varying degrees of cognition.
If that does not work many Senior Centers have many programs all day and if you could get him there he could participate in a lot of activities.
This would not work if there is a possibility that he would just walk out.
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I had Mom in a County run Daycare. If Dad is low income some allow medicaid.

I had gone from caring for an infant grandson till he was 20 months right into caring for Mom 24/7. After a yr I tried Daycare. The bus picked Mom up at 8am and left her off at 3pm. She was fed breakfast and lunch. She was there 3 days a week, MWF. They bathed her for me and she received PT. My husband felt we could drive her. It was 18 miles round trip and took about an 1 1/2 out of the time we had together. When she left, I was able to get a shower and then we went to breakfast and ran errands. The bus was part of the cost so why not use it.

I had a good experience. Mom was easy and they were good to her.
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I have heard of others using adult daycare and being satisfied with the services.

Have you considered contacting Council on Aging in your area? They will do a needs assessment on your father.

If he qualifies they will send an aide out in four hour shifts. They can aide in bathing, cooking light meals, tidying up their rooms, changing bedsheets, playing a game of cards, doing puzzles, etc.

You can run errands or go have lunch with a friend while they are with your dad.
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