This is to pick up my medication which I need daily and it takes me

40 minutes roundtrip.

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"Methadone is prescribed for the treatment of heroin and other opioid dependencies, and for pain relief from some conditions. It is a type of opioid medicine, and is only available with a prescription from your doctor. Methadone can make it easier for people to stop taking more harmful drugs."

Do you have Medicaid. They provide transportation.
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In our area Council on Aging provides rides to and from doctor’s appointments, pharmacies, grocery stores, etc.

See if they have shuttle buses available for you to pick up your meds. Good luck.

You might also try some churches in your area to see if they have volunteer services to help.
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I would speak to the methadone clinic itself to see how you can work this out. You would need otherwise to fine/hire transportation in your own area, which would be costly. I am wondering if they would be able to fix something up with a pharmacy in your area? I would speak with their counselors and surely do wish you the best of luck.
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From your profile:

"I am elderly *74, and I have to use methadone on a
daily basis. However, I cannot get to my clinic in Haverhill
Mass. everyday to get my daily medication. I was hoping to
find a nursing situatian that could bring the dose to
Hampton, NH each day. I have been led to believe I could
die without it, I have been usuing it for about 6 years.
An alternative would be a ride service? I need to add that
I am using supplementary oxygen 24/7 also.
Could you folks point me in the right direction for this
methadone problem"

ciscoboards, first please remove all your personal information from your profile! This is meant to be an anonymous, global forum for caregivers and caregiving of the elderly.

Please contact your local pharmacy or your prescribing physician to figure out other options. Make sure they know that picking up the meds is a hardship.

Or, are you a Medicaid recipient? If so, please talk to your caseworker.
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MiaMoor May 6, 2024
I can't work out who ciscoboards is from that information. I'm presuming that there are lots of people who live in the towns mentioned.

Nevertheless, ciscoboards, do be careful with imparting any personal information anywhere, especially as methadone can be misused and you don't want to attract any unwelcome attention.
I hope that you find a workable solution to your problem.
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