I don't know how to look for where I belong. Please Help!

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Licensed clinical psychologists are well trained in life transition therapy. Many psychologists licensed at the clinical level accept all insurances. A clinical psychologist may also be supervised by a psychiatrist and can refer you for medication if necessary. You may find it immediately helpful to get involved in a community activity.
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By SSI do you mean Social Security or Supplimental income. I will assume u get Medicare because ur on Social Security disability.

I suggest you contact ur County Office of Aging. Explain your problems. Maybe they can help you with housing. There should be a County disability dept too. The resources are out there you just need to find them.

If you mean SSI by Supplimental income, then talk to Social Services. They may be able to help you find housing. I would talk to them anyway. If you are collecting Social Security of any kind, you may be able to get SSI a supplimental income.

Where I live HUD has apartments. They require 30% of your monthly income for rent. If they don't help with transportation, most places have Senior busing. Medicaid provides transportation that you sign up for. There is food stamps. Food closets, Government food.

So sorry for your loss. But only you can help you. You really are luckier than some. You have some money, Medicare and Medicaid so no worry about health insurance and a roof over your head for now. You need to make the first move by calling Office of Aging. You need to move forward. Please do not be like my friend who always had an excuse why she could not do something to make her life better. She would not take advantage of the resources that were out there for her. Only you can do this.
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The OP's profile says:

"I am a Senior citizen retired, mental illness and physical limitations. I am trying to find a place for me it could be Assistant Living or Independant. I have Medicare, Medicaid and SSI. I am also open for a Nursing Home as well for Behavioral Assistance. I lived in Tennessee and my Beloved past away and I had no where to go. My sister said I can stay with her temporarily but now I have got to go. Please Help me I am alone and scared."

OP, please ask your sister to help get you placed BEFORE she makes you leave her home! Ask her to help you get set up with a social worker who can guide you properly. She should not make you leave her home until you are set up elsewhere and feel comfortable and no longer scared!

Best of luck to you.
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Racer, please consider getting some therapy. It isn't easy now but sometimes and for some people it is almost easier to start out with computer zoom contacts and do some therapy that way. That person, especially if a Licensed Social Worker trained in life transitions can help you to comb out ways to bring more people into your life, to join online cooking, knitting, bible study classes, almost any interest that you would like. In that way you will meet people with whom you have things in common and you will have contacts to discuss all of life with.
You don't mention to us what brings you to this current feeling of crisis, but right now Covid-19 is putting tremendous stress on all of us to add to what is just the commons stress of being human.
I wish you the best. There are a lot of crisis hotlines that may be able to guide you in reaching out in your area. The national hotline will provide someone on your phone line if you call 1 800 273 8255. This is a 24 hour hotline if you have feelings of desperation.
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You are welcome to talk with me. I will soon turn 58 on the 28th of this month. I was hit by a car while walking on the sidewalk. Turned my life upside down. I'm currently in a nursing home in Louisville KY.
Leo Wilson
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