You can call Council on Aging in your area. They will do an assessment of his needs. If he qualifies, they will send a caregiver out from an agency.

There is usually a waiting list, so make an appointment as soon as possible.

Best of luck in finding help for your husband.
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You can contact an agency and request a Shower Aide a few times a week. That person will come in and shower or give your husband a bath and get him shaved, groomed and dressed. (In most cases they can not cut finger nails and they certainly can not do toe nails. )

Now if there is a possibility that your husband would qualify for Hospice a CNA would come in 2 to 3 times a week and shower him, shave, dress him and order supplies that would be delivered to your house. (covered by Hospice)
and you would get a Nurse that would come 1 time a week and check on him and order medications and supplies that again would be delivered. This is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most other insurance.
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Join and post a ISO (in search of) an aid to come in X times a week to bath your husband, preferably a guy.

We found a neighbor 2 doors down who was qualified to bath my Aunt with dementia and it was very inexpensive, just paid her cash for 2x a week ($25 each time because she was pretty speedy at it).

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You can hire CNA's that will come in to assist your husband in the bath or shower twice a week(as most elderly folks don't need more than that), and then use the extra large body wipes and waterless shampoo and conditioner caps for the in-between times. Both can be ordered on either Amazon or
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