My husband of 38 years died suddenly of Pancreatic cancer. My daughter has a terminal disease and I have a chronic disease. I have 3 siblings. My Mother only cares about one grandson. She has changed her will to give one grandson everything. She has never offered to help me or my other siblings in anyway. She only cares about one grandson.

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Dear Muggins,

I am so sorry to hear how your mother makes you feel. I know you are going through a lot and it would be nice if your mother offered you and your family more financial and emotional support. It is hard to say why she favors one grandson.

I don't know if there is cultural reason. My grandmother did the same thing. She also favored my one cousin, although it was the girls that helped her the most.

I don't know if you can try to have an honest conversation with her and let her know how you truly feel. She might not know and just needs all her kids to let her know how you all feel.

Thinking of you.
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Muggins, I'm so sorry for the loss of your husband and for your ongoing problems.

It sounds as though you'd like some support and understanding from your mom and it's not forthcoming.

That might be narcussism. Or mental illness. Or dementia.

Is the grandson someone with special needs? That might be one reason to leave her estate to him, in a special needs teust.
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