My husband is in the first year of diagnosis for dementia, with covid couldn't get a neurologist app until this October. In the meantime he has a very negative attitude and talks non stop, are these symptoms of the disease?

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It can be.
Although my Husband was never negative about the diagnosis. At least to me. BUT he never talked about it to me. I tried talking to him but I could never get a conversation going. (I will say he was never a "talker" and for that reason when he stopped talking it did not surprise me)
If he is talking now...enjoy it. With dementia you never know what is going to happen and he may start driving you crazy with his talking or he may stop. It depends on what parts of the brain are effected.
If his negative attitude starts in try to turn it around and have him look for something good.
Depression is one thing that you should be aware of as well as anxiety.
(a lot of talking may be covering up anxiety so consider that)
You can start looking for Adult Day Care that will keep him busy, active and socializing while giving you a break.
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Write everything down. Negativity could be because he knows something is wrong. Non stop talking could be anxiety.

When I took Mom to her neurologist I took a page of notes. Just one side of the paper in 14 font. I kept each thing short and separated by double spacing

1. Negative, never like this before (or was and getting worse)

2. Talks constantly

And on and on. This gives the doctor an idea of what questions to ask. Or gives him an idea where the patient is in their Dementia journey. Hand the notes to the receptionist and ask that the Dr reviews it before your appt.

Allow your husband to answer questions. I always sat in the corner of the office behind Mom and Moms doctor would look over for confirmation if he felt Moms answer was not correct. I would nod yes or no.
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