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If you feel this is what's needed, do it sooner than later.

First of all indep will be LOTS cheaper than assisted and if you can get her into indep and understanding the system and making friends she will be able to stay there longer and be happier. My mom is in her 90's and in indep living and there are 2 other ladies in their 90's with their own apts.
She's been there long enough that they start to look out for each other:
bring lunch on days when their not up to it; or help each other at the weekly grocery store or shopping trips. Most residents are mid 80's.

We looked at several places and the vast majority of indep are really active retirement apts - which would NOT work - golf, lots of outings and long day trips for activities & most have cars and drive. Maybe 20% were
more small 1 bedroom/efficiency apt with a central cafeteria where they go for daily lunch and central room for daily activities. The one she is in is $1,800 mo (no buy-in either) and she was on the wait list for 10 mos. SO keep that in mind if you find a place you like, put her on the list.

I'd look for a tiered program, as your mom is 85. By that, I mean one in which it goes from indep. to assisted to nursing home to hospice.
You don't want to move her again. They are out there you just have to look harder. Oh if she has Alz. you may want to find one that has a unit for that.

But at 85 and just starting to have dementia symptoms then she can go
a really long time before she needs true assistance if she has minimal health care issues. Good luck
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