Memory care with hallucinations, probable undiagnosed dementia, I am sure.

she called to report two caregivers this morning who “put soap on her hand rails so she would slip getting off of toilet “ that the two aides were standing there and would not help her get into her wheelchair. They just talked in some language ( they were of color decent and my mom is prejudice) she states a bigger man came in picked her up and carried her to her bed and he talked in the same language.

I did not get a call regarding the fall. This all scares me , I worry that the memory care will not keep her. We are looking at being on Medicaid in a couple months.

her med for hallucinations was just increased a couple , 3 weeks ago. Initially helped. she talks again about the dead animals across the street, and now her physical hallucinations regarding staff is definitely an increase in hallucinations.

Do I send an email to the memory care nurse inquiring of incident? Do I report it on her patient portal for the Nurse Practitioner that manages her care, and report to hospice nurse? I’m wondering if the staff was unable to manage the transfer from the toilet to wheelchair . Does she now need bedside commode…. Which hospice would deal with .. I looked on her patient portal for her healthcare , no report there for fall.

and like I said, it does frighten me that the memory care wouldn’t keep her….

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Medications are useless when trying to control dementia symptoms, particularly psychosis. The best they can do, is to knock her out for a few hours. Do not expect any improvement. She is in the last stages of dementia and practically she has ran out of options.
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I can't help but wonder if the obsession with cleaning things has now led to this. People are typically spraying things, wiping them down, including handrails and so on. I wonder if she saw this.
I worry for bedside commodes just because of their tippy problems. Often with poor balance they are a danger.
I agree with Countrymouse. You are very reasonable and just trying to figure this out. I would preface it with administration just as you did with us, that you understand there is some prejudice and some hallucination, but that this isn't the sort of story you are used to getting from her. Questions of concerned family, especially when put forth in reasonable manner, is a good thing in a good facility.
I would speak with them.
This is heartbreaking because the awful thing is that you may never know. My brother had early Lewy's and he was quite good, quite "with it" but he did slip into a paranoia about possessions and stealing and people entering his room without persmission, and reported a loss of money that turned out to be him hiding it in a different place. It is so sad when these things happen, and dreadful for those who work with the elders. They are often accused without real reason. But this is also what makes our elders easy prey to those who aren't right.
The fact that there are three here involved in a sort of conspiracy makes this seem less likely, but the fact that it is such a complete story makes it unlike "normal" hallucinations.
I sure wish you the best and hope you'll update us.
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Yes, you should contact the team simply to report what your mother reported to you, making it clear that you have a completely open mind as to what actually took place.

I think it is very unlikely that the care staff greased the handles of her toilet frame to prevent her from standing or so that they could point and laugh at her when she fell.

I think it is not impossible that a larger, stronger member of staff was called to assist her back to bed; but if he did physically lift her... whewf. I can't imagine what exceptional circumstances would justify that, and it would be reasonable to enquire what happened. There are better ways to support people's mobility, which the staff should have been trained in; but there again it is possible that your mother's perception of what was going on at that moment was distorted.

Doesn't matter: "what happened?" is always a fair question, and besides that it is important that the staff hear what your mother remembers of the events - they need to be aware of and sensitive to her perceptions so that they can adjust their approach.
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babsjvd Apr 9, 2022
Yes, I agree , no one did this to her. It’s part of the hallucinations and paranoia she has. And there is no way someone physically carried her out of the bathroom that consist of a sink , toilet, with shower across from them. No way to have room to pick her up. But if she did fall, how would that happen…we have taken the walker away last week. As I type this , I see there needs to be more protocols put in place. A gait belt if she is unable to transfer from the toilet to wheelchair successfully.

it is frightening to me that she is making waves. My concern for the facility not wanting to deal with her. Then releasing her from their facility.
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