Mom went to rehab (6wks) started drinking again soon after. Has made questionable financial decisions, also sexually uninhibited, Has gone to several therapists but stops after a few visits, She is not like this all the time, Much of the time she is lucid, rational and a delight to be with, but she frequently gets confused, extremely emotional, and angry. It's at these times she takes off in the car and endangers her life and others. It's like a roller coaster. Is it alcoholism, dementia or both?

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Dear Pegshoe, I agree with Chicago 1954 and cwillie. For appropriate treatment, your mom needs a thorough neurological workup. In most states doctors who recognize a condition that makes driving unsafe have to notify the Dept. of Transportation and have the license revoked. Since that won't stop persons with poor judgment from driving anyway, you need to remove the car. If your mom has more reasonable moments, you need to use that time to have her agree to giving you financial and medical Power of Attorney.
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She needs a full neurological workup. And either take away the keys or disable the car. Would you want the injury or death of someone she runs over on your conscience?
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Can you get her to a doctor? If not, the next time she is in a "fog," I would call an ambulance and get her admitted. Then, refuse to take her home. She needs to be in a nursing home, for her own safety and other's around her.

Is any one POA, for her? Because someone needs to be making financial decisions for her.
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