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Most of the time the facility will have a list of items that will be needed to accompany the LTC Medicaid application. It may be the Social Worker or billing department that has the “list”.

If TN does a full 5 yr look back, then it’s 5 years of all bank statements, any paperwork on real property assets sold or transferred past 5 years (like a home, land or car in thier name), your DPOA, perhaps a copy of their will, info on life insurance policies, and their “awards letter” for 2021 from SSA and any other pension or retirement $ they get. ((For SSA this usually gets mailed out in Nov in a single trifold from SSA that states to the penny the amount of $ SS will pay each month, the other retirements do something similar right abt end of each year)). Btw the awards letters will determine what the required copay to the facility will be and what $ amount thier PNA / personal needs allowance will be. Most states have PNA of $50 or $60 a mo and that’s all they will have to spend from here on out once on MedicAID. The PNA can go into a trust acct at the NH for mom so you as POA can go & draw from or if mom is having her income go into her old bank acct and you as POA are writing a check for the copay, then the PNA stays in her bank account. But remember once on individual LTC Medicaid they cannot have over 2k in assets so you have to keep either their bank account or at the NH trust account under 2k.

Yeah it’s quite a bit of paperwork, so ask for the list & start gathering stuff up. Sometimes you may have to see a bank officer to get old statements. & Sometimes if they are already in a facility- IL, AL, etc. - and private pay the lookback may just be 3 years, as assumption is made that they did a spend down of assets to pay for their care, so no need for full 5 years.

Also the states will do some sort of annual renewal for LTC Medicaid, so to make your life easier, start a binder for 2021 so it’s all at the ready to be xeroxed and sent when you get the renewal request. I had no idea this happened and had put stuff into bins & in storage. Nothing but fun there. I was totally ready for year 2 renewal tho’! Good luck in your search.
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