and has a "box of pills" ready to take when she gets ready.

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It was unfair of your mother to tell you this. I would also have a hard time knowing what to say back. Was she serious or asking for attention. If depression is the only problem that she has I would let her doctor know what she said. If possible I would snoop a bit to see if I could discover the box.

I am in favor of someone's right to a death with dignity. But to kill yourself when something can be treated seems a sad thing. I hope she can find a way our of her depression. I know how hard it is for both her and the family. I wish we could find a way to instill a little hope.
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Dear Windy2003,

I'm sorry to hear how your mom feels. It is horribly shocking to hear a parent talk like this. I don't know if its her physical condition or the side effects of medication on her mind. But like Angel said this is not something that can be ignored. Please take her to the doctor to have her evaluated. I hate to see anyone become so desperate as to consider suicide. I know its not easy, but do what you can for your mom. Thinking of you.
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What is prompting this? Does she have a full or full-ish life? Does she have a terminal illness? I am not opposed to assisted suicide when someone's life is over in one way or another. We don't let our pets suffer as much as we let humans suffer. But, again, I don't know what the situation is here. I just know I want the option to end it if I have a terminal illness or no quality of life.
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When someone expressed the desire to commit suicide, and has a plan, it's time to call 911 and have them Baker Act'd (72 hour involuntary psych hold) for psychiatric intervention. This is not ok, and it's not something to wait and see how it turns out. Do it now.

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