My 93 year old mother broke her hip and is reccouperating extremely well. She will be able to go home soon. How ever, during a stomach problem, some tests were done and doctors believe she has a maglient tumor in her bile duct that is slowly narrowing the duct. They said the surgery would be invasive, and my mother has elected, at this point, not to have the surgery. Anyone experienced anything like this? What do we have to look forward to? She is legally blind in one eye and deaf in one ear and almost deaf in the other. These handicaps have never stopped her from gardening, shopping or cooking. She has always been extremely active. She is adament about remaining independent and wants to stay on her own as long as possible. What options do we have for care at home? We think she can be on her own to a degree if someone helps with bathing, taking her meds and housekeeping. She has a life line.

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I think your 93 year old mother should be allowed to make her own decision. She sounds competent. Please read the lead article in this edition.

She already has several health issues. Doctors say that at autopsy, it's not unuusual to discover several other cancers, etc. developing.

Why put her througth major surgery? For what?

I'd suggest contacting hospice. They are wonderful!
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