Years ago I discovered great support groups at major hospitals.   Smaller ones don't always have the facilities, but the larger ones do, especially in areas where other large hospitals or university affiliated hospitals dominate.   Their support groups were so numerous that they were categorized, and sometimes a particular category of support group met more than once a week.

That's probably changed since the advent of Covid, but it's worth exploring.

Occasionally I did find a limited number of support groups at rehab and AL facilities.

Some good sized and well run senior centers publish newsletters and sometimes include info on support groups (which also sometimes meet at the Senior Centers).
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A great place to start would be the Alzheimer's Association 1-800-272-3900
they will have listings of Support Groups in your area.
They also have counselors that are available 24/7
And another place to check would be Face book. Do a search for Dementia Support Group and put in your area. I am sure there would be a few listed. Some meet in person some are on line.
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Call your Amarillo counsel on aging and ask them for some recommendation. The best places to check on what's available in your own city is in fact your own city. Use online resources and search engine with such words as "support groups for caregivers". One of the unfortunate things with caregivers is the fact that so few can get away from home to come to groups of any kind. I sure wish you luck and hope you find something. You might check with houses of worship in your own area, and if you are a person of faith who regularly attends the "community of faith" in your area you might speak with your pastor about attempting to START a group. Ask if he is aware of other parishioners. You can also check with any senior center in your area. Check their bulletin boards, give them a call. Welcome to the Forum. Let us know what you find.
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