Mum lives alone following my Father’s death in October. She has 4 care visits a day (welfare checks around meal times and bed time) and has several good friends that visit on a regular basis. I go to stay every other weekend.

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She needs somebody to help her have a consistent "wake-up experience." Watch the movie "50 First Dates" to understand what she needs.
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HelenLS: gladimhere is spot on correct. Your mother should NOT be living alone. She should be in a managed care facility. Thank you, glad.
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She should NEVER be alone. I am.shaking my head and rolling my eyes. You can't be serious, mom has Alzheimer's, dad died not even a year ago?! And She lives alone?

She wakes up, of course she is anxious! She has woken up for many years with someone else there to wake up with. She needs someone to spend nights with her of a facility.

Did anyone read this entire post?
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HelenLS: Perhaps she can have a morning routine of a soothing cup of tea for example. Key word is 'routine.'
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Early on in my mother’s dementia journey, her anxiety would be worse in the morning. She would seem better as the day went on.

Anxiety meds helped.

As she progressed, her anxiety spread, bit by bit, to the rest of the day.

Each step requires a medication change, just in order for her to function, and eventually to help with combativeness.

She is NOT drugged into a stupor, if anyone is concerned about that. She was too terrified and anxious without the proper medication level.

Geriatric Psychiatry has been a blessing to us.
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That is weird. With my Dad who suffered from heart desease, Mom said it would take him 30 minutes to be himself after getting up. He had Carotid artery desease so oxygen not getting to his brain. Not sure if he ever had it corrected. My GFs father did and did not improve his ALZ.

I know back in the 80s, when my grandmother suffered from ALZ, they gave her oxygen treatments. Not sure if they do that now. This would be a question for her neurologist.
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