Told D.O.N. Charge Nurse and a CNA told LPN you must clean fecal off pressure ulcer t asked pls wear gloves on caring for parent, LPN said LEAVE you need to leave and did not clean the Feces Off, and placed a new bandage on top, Spoke to 2 Directors now they wrote a letter and lie to sibling POA they noted can no longer come to visit parents because they said I cleaned the feces off in front of the Supervisor which I asked to show them the feces was still left on body and pressure ulcers Also caught CNA taking parents bed pad parents brought yr prior to going to Nursing Home, asked why they do not wear gloves every in a 200 bed facility, also ask for boxes of gloves each time next day NO gloves, there are new cuts, scratches on the body and last week a new tooth in place of old tooth and they did not answer what happened. parent bed ridden and they leave the parent in wrong positions in wheelchair after major surgery fron leg, feed tube and pressure ulcers and p ulcer increased in size. Asked D.O.N. why they allowed CNA to take parents bed pad and CNA noted she said it belonged to their facility and placed it on another patient. Parent paid for their own bed pad and had it signed in permanent ink, CNA noted no you just put in own there today. How can you place a bed pad off one patient and put on another person's room and she noted His room from a male to female is this legal, WHY WILL THEY NOT WEAR GLOVES and WASH THEIR HANDS. Now saying you can no longer come visit the buidling and called sibling POA and lied and said was seen digging in wound, actually I told CNA an d RN you are wiping to hard, look at the parent and please look at the parent when you place them in the wheelchair they are shaking tremendously to tell you signs they are hurting and you are not following Dr orders to keep the leg with surgery elevated on pillows, one RN came in room when asked why all these new cuts, scars on arms, she noted well it might be from wheelchair, why was parent left on WHEELCHAIR SO LONG and looked at pressure ulcer it had increase healed size of nickle to now size of a open coffee cup diameter. The RN and Supervisor and D.O.N. noted it gets that size before it starts to healed and they did not know we had been trained by Dr of Wound Care surgery how to care for d. ulcers one year ago and we helped followed detailed instructions and the Wound Care RN noted well the wheelchair is causess these problems but when the D.O.N. came in to see by our request she noted NO it is because it is not really a pressure ulcer and then the parent urinated and asked are you all going to clean the parent they said no the diaper will be changed but you do not clean it off because they already had A&D ointment on it, we said that is not ZINCE OXIDE 40% per what the former Dr of Wound Care surgery request and the Zine Oxide tubes were in the room in drawers, caught the CNA using Foot Cream on pressure ulcer once and told them that is for foot creme not bed sores, the CNA arogganted noted she had been during CNA for 8 yrs and then jerked the parent over in bed and noted the parent had leg surgery please be careful, CNA walked out and did not place parent in bed properly, Then Director of Facilites came with letter noting never allowed on property due to what they made up and now parent has NO one to check and see what they are no doing because other relatives live 9 to 12 hours away or more.
this place does not allow parent to even listen to TV and MEDICARE is paying for the care out of parents social security funds, room mate has horrible ordor and RN never clean up the urine cath bag from roommate until it is overbearing and leave toilet unflushed, Our parents wheelchair reeks of urnie smell from RN leaving our parents wheelchair in closed bathroom from the roommates urine odors.
Exec Director and Sr got offended when asked why your staff does NOT WASH THEIR HANDS NOR WEAR GLOVES
all the training and school video tapes for RN training noted it is a mus to wear glves for Feeding Tubes and wound care
This place has been under investigations and they are still
Called to police and the police said they should have been called instead of the Supervisors when the RN placed a bandage over feces and its now to late the letter to never come back to the property has been sent to the POA
The POA was not informed until 2 day about the expansion of the pressure ulcer because I advised the RN why di it get this large and called the sibling an Director noted we did inform the POA but hat was 2 days afterwards not when the wound had returned so the CNA and RN and Wound Care did not address the issues at the return beginning stages only after we entered the room to inquire. One CNA who is helpful noted they are continuning to leave the parent laying on the Feed Tube hard peg plastic causing more scars and make sure to ask are they really feeding our parent? OMG PLS PRAY all for your parents NOW HOW TO GET HELP

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I don't know where you are, but you need to call the Ombudsman for that place. I hope you used your cell phone to snap a picture of these things. Pictures don't lie.
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1.) The staff does not use gloves when administering formula through feeding tube.

2.) The staff does not wear gloves when treating decubitus ulcers on bottom.

3.) The facility kicked you out because you insisted on universal precautions.

4.) The nurse told you that when pressure ulcers get larger that means they're healing.

5.) Your loved one is not being repositioned on a regular basis (which is probably where the decubitus ulcers came from).

6.) This facility is already under investigation.

7.) You've repeatedly tried to advocate for your loved one and you have gone up the ladder in this facility to get some help but nothing ever improves.

There are too many things wrong here and what's broken here can't be fixed. Take your loved one out of this place and place her in another facility. It sounds like you've been battling this for a while and you shouldn't have to. This facility obviously has issues and your loved one should be somewhere where she's actually getting the care she needs, not living like a neglected house plant.

And you need some peace of mind. You deserve that. That's part of what you're paying for. Have your loved one moved ASAP.
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